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The quarrel started by the United States with Rosatom will leave the Czech Republic without a power unit at a nuclear power plant “Duked”

Исключив Росатом из тендера на строительство энергоблока АЭС «Дукованы», Czech Republic actually shot itself in the leg, noted in conversation with ABF "Economics today» Deputy Director General of the National Energy Institute Alexander Frolov.

Затеянная США ссора с Росатомом оставит Чехию без энергоблока на АЭС "Дукованы"

Госдепартамент США поддержал решение Чехии исключить Росатом из кандидатов на строительство АЭС «Дукованы».

USA supported the Czech Republic in words

19 апреля Правительство Чехии, succumbing to political agitation, исключило Росатом из тендера на расширение АЭС «Дукованы». Explosions were the cause, occurred at the ammunition depots in the village of Vrbetice in 2014 году — якобы в событии усмотрели “Russian trace”.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken 2 May, in a telephone conversation with Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babis, he supported this decision, stressing, which thereby managed to "significantly reduce the presence of Russian intelligence in Prague and increase the security of the Czech Republic and NATO".

Nuclear energy market players don't quite understand, в чем именно поддерживают Соединенные Штаты Чехию. "Dukovany" was built by Soviet engineers, да и в новой истории сотрудничество с Росатомом не прекращалось. Furthermore, new generation reactors of VVER type, required NPP "Dukovany", как раз способен предложить именно Росатом как наиболее компетентный подрядчик, familiar with all the realities of the project.

Will Dukovany NPP receive a new power unit??

The fifth power unit of the Dukovany NPP was planned to begin construction in 2030 year, however now there are doubts, will it be possible to build it.

Затеянная США ссора с Росатомом оставит Чехию без энергоблока на АЭС "Дукованы"

Remaining bidders: American Westinghouse, Chinese China General Nuclear Power, French EdF and South Korean KHNP, они не имеют опыта строительства АЭС в Восточной Европе.

Earlier, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vladimir Katenev expressed his point of view, что условия тендера специально переписали таким образом, чтобы не допустить в него Росатом. At the same time, the main competitor of Russia is the American company Westinghouse, the deputy stressed.

“There are precedents in history, when the post-Soviet countries, to which we can include the Czech Republic, announced the construction of some nuclear facilities, and then, for a number of reasons, these projects were postponed ", - explains Alexander Frolov.

It can happen like this, what the company has, which won the tender, will not be in the full scope of the necessary competencies for the implementation and completion of the project.

«Исключив Росатом из конкурса, Czech Republic shot itself in the leg. Such a decision, likely, was taken on emotion, since the implementation of the tender lies in the sphere of interests of the Czech Republic itself. AND, если Росатом предлагает наиболее выгодное и технически совершенное решение, then it's strange to refuse it, based on political misunderstanding, emerged between countries ", - Alexander Frolov argues.

The expert also noted, that Russian oil products are supplied to the Czech Republic, there are gas stations, owned by Gazprom, however, for some reason the Czech Republic does not fight oil and gas projects.

“These projects are being implemented with stronger players, на которых не так просто надавить. For example, Germany participates in them ", - noted Frolov.

Все вместе это напоминает методы неконкурентной борьбы с Росатомом, because Russian technologies are currently among the best, concluded the expert.

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