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"Capable of hitting targets throughout the United States": China told about the new nuclear submarine of project 094A

«Capable of hitting targets throughout the United States»: China told about the new nuclear submarine of project 094A
The newest strategic nuclear submarine of the project type 094A can carry a new ICBM, capable of hitting a target throughout the United States.

The Chinese edition of the South China Morning Post told about the new nuclear submarine Changzheng-18 (“Long March 18”), which became part of the PLA Navy 30 April 2021 of the year. According to the publication, the submarine can carry a new intercontinental ballistic missile (BRPL – ballistic missile submarine) JL-3 instead of the JL-2 SLBMs previously used on nuclear submarines of this type.

The newspaper relies on sources in the PLA Navy, approving, that the new nuclear submarine was built according to the modernized project 094A, which made it possible to place on board the JL-3 ICBM instead of the JL-3. Besides, nuclear submarines have significantly reduced noise levels.

According to information available from open sources, and there is very little of it, since the Chinese do not really like to share the characteristics of their weapons, submarines type 094A can carry 16 SLBMs instead of 12, as was the type of the base submarine 094.

БРПЛ Julang-3, or, abbreviated, JL-3 is the third generation of intercontinental ballistic missiles for submarines. JL-3 can carry from 3 to 7 individual targeting warheads. The range of this missile is, according to different sources, from 10 to 12 thousands of kilometers, which allows you to strike throughout the United States, while at the Yulin base on the island of Hainan.

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