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Russian troops will receive new parachute systems

Russian troops will receive new parachute systems
More 13 thousand sets of landing equipment and parachute systems will go to the Airborne Forces by the end of this year. This is reported by the information support group of the Airborne Forces.

Russian troops will receive new parachute systems, recently developed. We are talking about the parachute strapdown system PBS-950U and PBS-955, intended for the landing of BMD-4M combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers BTR-MDM from VTA aircraft “Shell” with personnel inside.

By the end of the year, such systems will enter service with two airborne battalions of the Airborne Forces., in the future, they will be provided to all airborne units, armed with BMD-4M and BTR-MDM.

A new parachute-cargo system is being prepared for adoption, with which it will be possible to drop loads weighing up to 1,5 tons of aircraft Il-76.

Recently, in the middle of April this year, the holding “Texnodïnamïka”, which is a developer of parachute systems in Russia, made a presentation of new parachute systems. In the line of parachutes, systems were presented as a special purpose, and educational. Among them, we can mention the system “Cadet-100”, intended for initial airborne training. This parachute allows you to jump from a height from 150 to 4000 m.

Special purpose parachute system “Stayer” designed for airborne special forces from a height 700 to 10 000 m at a speed of 140 to 350 km / h. It has already been tested by the Airborne Forces in the Far North..

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