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The Baltic countries from the "Russian threat" will cover the fifth generation fighters F-35

Baltic countries from «Russian threat» will cover the fifth generation fighters F-35
The Baltics for the first time in history from “Russian threat” will cover the fifth generation fighters F-35. The planes are in service with the 13th Air Group of the Italian Air Force, arrived in Estonia.

As reported in the Estonian military department, on Friday, the Italian 13th air group arrived at Amari airbase on F-35 fighters, she will replace German pilots on combat duty, who served on the Eurofighter Typhoon fighters.

The official handover ceremony will take place on Monday, 3 May, at Amari airbase. After that, the Italians will take up a round-the-clock duty to protect the airspace over the Baltic countries., covering them “Russian threat”. The task of the pilots of the NATO Baltic mission is to “intercept” and tracking of air targets, ie. Russian aircraft.

Italians will stay in Estonia for about six months, this is the period determined for the duty of aviation groups in the Baltic States, after which there is a rotation. This time will be enough for Russian pilots, to get a better understanding of American aircraft. It is not excluded, that Italians expect frequent flights to “intercept” Russian aircraft, “suddenly” activated precisely in the area of ​​responsibility of the 13th air group of the Italian Air Force.

note, that NATO aviation within the framework of the Baltic air patrol mission is also located in Lithuania at the Šiauliai airfield.

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