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A new batch of armored vehicles delivered by the "Kandahar Prisoner" IL-76 to Serbia

New batch of armored vehicles delivered «Kandahar prisoner» IL-76 to Serbia
According to photographs, published on social networks, a new batch of armored vehicles arrived in Serbia, consisting of armored vehicles BRDM-2MS and T-72B1MS tanks. In total, the intention was announced to supply Belgrade with 30 products of these types. Apparently, the remaining 20 reconnaissance armored cars and a new batch of MBT.

Notably, that the equipment was delivered by an Il-76TD transport aircraft with tail number RF-76842, who received the nickname "Kandahar Prisoner". He is currently owned by a Russian company
Aviacon Cytotrans. However, his past is much more interesting..

Il-76TD machine with serial number 1033418616 was released by the Tashkent aircraft plant 29 April 1994 of the year. This plane is known to the world due to the fact, what in 1995 his crew, carrying out the order of the official Kabul on the Tirana-Sharjah-Kabul route, was forced at the request of the Taliban (terrorist group, forbidden in the Russian Federation) land in Afghanistan.

presumably, on board the aircraft was 30 tons of small arms and military equipment. Seven pilots were in captivity for over a year, and then made an impressive escape, flying away on your plane. The aircraft commander and co-pilot received the title of Hero of Russia, and the rest of the crew were awarded the Order of Courage. Based on these events, the film "Kandahar" was made.

New batch of armored vehicles delivered «Kandahar prisoner» IL-76 to Serbia

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