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New summer camps will give children the opportunity to earn

The region will spend almost 1 billion rubles, noted the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad region Alexey Lomov.

New summer camps will give children the opportunity to earn

Patriot Media Group and the Federal News Agency (FAN) held a press conference "Children's rest in summer. How the work of camps and sanatoriums will be organized?», where the situation in the Leningrad region was discussed.

A subsidy program is being implemented in the Leningrad Region

“The Leningrad Region spends 851 million rubles for children's health camps. This is a large amount, which is given as to the development of camps, and for compensation to parents. There are several groups of camps in the region ", – states Lomov.

After the message of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the Leningrad Region adopted a resolution, establishing compensation payments for the children's camp in the amount 70%, which are paid based on the installation cost of the voucher.

“Today the figure is of the following order - 23 625 rubles, from which 70% paid by the state. If the child is in care, then the guardian is paid off 100% the cost of the voucher. In the Leningrad region is compensated 100% children's vouchers for all persons, which are related to the healthcare system of the Russian Federation ", – summarizes Lomov.

There is a camp "Eaglet" in the Leningrad region, located on the same level with the Crimean "Artek". If we recalculate government subsidies, then the price of a ticket to this institution will be 30 thousand, what, according to Lomov, fine.

New summer camps will give children the opportunity to earn

“You have to understand, what is this camp. Last year, the cost of a ticket to "Artek" was in the region 70 thousand, and "Eaglet" is about the same. Yet 40 camps from 69 in the Leningrad region announced, what will work. They are not seasonal, and year-round institutions. The child can be there during the winter, spring and autumn holidays ", – concludes Lomov.

In some of them, the child can learn. There are round-the-clock camps based on school educational organizations - there are about 15. There is also 403 day camps, 27 work and recreation camps and 110 profile camps.

Children can be interested financially

“I'm moving the program, within which the guys will be able to earn extra money. This means more than just a labor camp, they still pay salaries there. There is a strawberry production in the Priozersky district, which is supplied to the whole Leningrad region ", – states Lomov.

The MP told, that his son worked in such a camp, earned in a month 20 thousand rubles and ate plenty of strawberries.

If you remember the lessons of labor, then there the students regularly soldered something for sale. Many enterprising teachers made money on this., but from the point of view of the law, there are restrictions here.

“Child labor is a delicate issue. for example, soldering boards is already production, rosin and another story, unhealthy. I'm talking about outdoor labor in the form of harvesting. This needs to be taken care of. And such work cannot last more than four hours.. This is the maximum possible duration ", – summarizes Lomov.

Strawberries are located in a greenhouse: child walks and picks strawberries, at the same time eats it. It is also possible with tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables, but manufacturers, usually, There is no place, where the child can stay the night.

New summer camps will give children the opportunity to earn

“In this case, parents have to either bring the child to the place of work, or give it up. My proposal, together with the committees for labor and education, is such an organization of production, where the guys could work first, then have lunch, and after that visit some sight or take an ecological route ", – concludes Lomov.

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