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"From missiles of Iran and the DPRK": Pentagon launches new missile defense program

«From Iranian and DPRK missiles»: Pentagon launches new missile defense program
Pentagon launches new missile defense program, since none of the missile defense programs, initiated under Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, was never implemented, despite the colossal costs. As Bloomberg writes, the new program is allocated 18 billion. dollars.

US Department of Defense announced a tender for the development and production “interceptors” missiles. At the same time, the description for the assignment emphasizes, that these interceptors will be located in Alaska and protect the United States from missiles from North Korea and Iran, who would doubt it. In total, the program is allocated 18 billion. dollars, only two companies participate in the tender: Lockheed Martin и Northrop Grumman.

The bulk of the funds are intended for the development stage, companies will receive 13,1 billion. dollars for two, interceptor prototypes should be created by 2026 year, then the choice of the winner will take place, which will be engaged in the release of new weapons no later than 2028 of the year. It is planned to spend on the production of interceptors itself 2,3 billion. dollars, still the same amount will be allocated for their service.

Information about new US weapons is scarce, at the moment it is known, that construction is planned 31 interceptor, including 10 for testing. An interceptor is not an airplane., edition mentions, what are they (interceptors) will be located on missiles. Most likely we are talking about any hypersonic units, designed to destroy missiles. The cost of one will be 498 million. dollars. They will be deployed in Alaska to intercept missiles. “hostile countries”, as the edition writes – Iran and North Korea, at least that's what the American edition writes.

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