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Terms of withdrawal from the Northern Fleet SSBN K-84 "Yekaterinburg" of the project 667-BDRM "Dolphin"

Terms of withdrawal from the Northern Fleet SSBN K-84 «Ekaterinburg» project 667-BDRM «Dolphin»
Northern fleet next, 2022 year, will decommission the strategic nuclear submarine missile cruiser K-84 “Ekaterinburg” project 667-BDRM “Dolphin”. It is reported by TASS with reference to a source in the defense industry.

According to the source, RPKSN “Ekaterinburg” will be sent for recycling. The reason is the age of the submarine., which became part of the fleet in 1985 year.

Although there is no official confirmation of this information, it can be argued, what “Ekaterinburg” will be disposed of. Although the submarine is still in service 31 submarine divisions of the submarine forces of the Northern Fleet stationed in the Yagelnaya Guba Bay, the service life of the submarine has expired in 2017 year and were not going to renew it. The conversation about writing off SSBNs has been going on for a long time, but there was no spare capacity for recycling, and 2022 year, apparently, they will appear and the submarine will go for disassembly.

Submarine missile cruiser “Ekaterinburg” project 667-BDRM “Dolphin” was laid down at Sevmash 17 February 1982 of the year, launched 17 Martha 1985 of the year, a 30 December of the same year, as the saying goes “under the herringbone”, the submarine became part of the Northern Fleet. 1996-2003 “Ekaterinburg” underwent medium repair with modernization to “Asterisk”, since 2011 by 2014 year his service life was extended to 2017 of the year.

displacement above-water 11740 tonnes, underwater 18200 tonnes. Length overall at design waterline 167,4 m, maximum body width 11,7 m, mean draft 8,8 m. Surface speed 14 knots, underwater 24 host. Working immersion depth from 320 to 400 m. Maximum immersion depth from 550 to 650 m. Swimming autonomy from 80 to 90 day. The crew is 140 human.

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