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Chinese magazine explains China's need for fifth-generation J-20 two-seat fighters

Chinese magazine explains China's need for fifth-generation J-20 two-seat fighters
In the Chinese magazine OIST, which specializes in covering events in the world of science and technology, published an article, dedicated to fifth generation fighters of Chinese design. Recall, that the PLA Air Force is already supplied with J-20 fighters, and the development of the fifth generation carrier-based fighter J-31 is also continuing.

Chinese journalists admit, that for the further development of new generation fighters, the latest aircraft engines are needed, which China has not yet developed.

OIST Considers Air Force Combination of J-20 Single and Twin Fighters.

From an article by Chinese authors, explaining, Why does the PRC Air Force need a fifth-generation two-seater fighter?:

The appearance of the double version of the J-20 is due to the fact, that the tasks of the fighter are becoming more diversified. China needs a more powerful fighter. The two-seat version of this combat aircraft will be equipped with new equipment., which, in particular, will allow you to interact with swarms of combat drones and counter enemy electronic equipment.
The magazine notes, that one crew member will not be able to cope with the expanding range of tasks.

Chinese experts point out, that the pilot, which is located in the front of the cab, will focus on aircraft control, and the pilot, behind, – responsible for weapons management, including electronic warfare, UAV data exchange systems.

of material:

The technology behind the J-20 makes it a nightmare for enemy electronic equipment..
As noted, a swarm of drones can become "bait to attract enemy aircraft, including stealth fighters ". At the same time, the drones, exchanging data with the J-20, can carry out reconnaissance and strike, including air defense systems.

from the article:

A swarm of drones can help the J-20 fighter to gain air superiority.
The same magazine reports the number of J-20, produced by the Chinese industry. According to this data, then in China at the moment 90 such combat aircraft. But, as Chinese experts write, PLA Air Force needs at least 400 fifth generation fighters, including two-seater combat aircraft.

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