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White House threatened Russia with "frank conversation" over retaliatory sanctions

The White House threatened Russia «frank conversation» due to retaliatory sanctions
The United States has threatened Russia “frank conversation” in response, imposed by Moscow on US sanctions. As a senior White House official said, Washington will show, what kind of Russian activity he does not intend to tolerate.

Washington is trying to understand, what did they want to achieve in Moscow, retaliating against US sanctions. According to the already established tradition, before the Americans “does not reach”, why is Russia imposing sanctions on the United States, if Washington has already explained everything, who was punished and for what.

Perplexed Americans promise “straight Talk”, in which “will show” Russia, what kind of activity are they “do not intend to endure”. According to a Biden administration spokesman, want to tell, how bad it is to impose retaliatory sanctions.

Meanwhile, another White House spokesman directly told reporters, US “will not be shy” introduce new restrictions against Russia for actions, which they believe “unacceptable”. That is, Washington is planning to introduce new sanctions in response to Moscow's actions.. Why doesn't Moscow impose sanctions against states?, whose actions against Russia are unacceptable. This is not the prerogative of the United States., what they think in the White House.

Recall, what 15 April Joe Biden introduced another package of sanctions against Russia, calling it a punishment for election interference. Countermeasures, introduced by Moscow, apparently not expected by Washington, Joe Biden’s administration still don’t understand, and what is their reason?

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