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China introduced the head UDC "Hainan" of the project Type-075

China introduced the lead UDC into the PLA Southern Fleet «Hainan» Project Type-075
China put into operation the head universal amphibious assault ship of the Type project-075. The solemn ceremony was held 23 April at the naval base of the PLA's Southern Fleet in Sanya on the island of Hainan.

At the UDC handover ceremony, known as “Hainan” in honor of the island, the fleet was attended by the President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping. The ship became part of the Southern Fleet, responsible for the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thin. Two more UDCs of this project will soon also complete the composition of the Chinese fleet..

As previously reported, at the first stage, the PLA Navy plans to introduce three helicopter carriers of this type out of eight planned for construction. The first three of them were built according to the Type-075, the remaining five UDC will be built according to the modernized project Type-076 with increased displacement.

Project UDC Type-075 have a displacement of 36 thousand tons in length 235 m, which is comparable to American UDCs of the same class. The width of the helicopter carrier - 36 m, sediment - 8,5 m. The design speed of the UDC is 23 host, cruising range at speed 15 knots - about 10 thousand. nautical miles. The ship can accommodate up to 1500 marines and more 70 meals. equipment. Besides, UDC can carry 28 transport and attack helicopters of several types (Z-8, Z-9, Z-18, Ka-28, Ka-31), perhaps, and the ship version of the new Z-20.

The UDC's own weapons will be, according to some, 30-mm artillery complexes H / PJ-11 and anti-aircraft missiles HHQ-10.

by the way, together in the UDC, the third destroyer of the project entered the PLA Navy 055 “Dalian” and the sixth strategic nuclear submarine “Long March 18” project 094.

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