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"Smoke screen": Sweden did not believe in the withdrawal of the Russian army from the Ukrainian borders

«Smoke screen»: Sweden did not believe in the withdrawal of the Russian army from the Ukrainian borders
Sweden does not believe in the final withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukrainian border, the return of troops to their points of permanent deployment is only “smoke screen”. This statement was made by the Minister of Defense of Sweden Peter Hultkvist.

According to the Swedish minister, Russian army, leaving for points of permanent deployment, left weapons and equipment in the area of ​​the Ukrainian border, which allows her to transfer personnel and attack Ukraine in the shortest possible time. In this way, convinced Hultqvist, Russia has created a certain “smoke screen”, designed to cover up her true intentions.

What prompted the Swedish minister to make such a decision? As it turned out, there is no secret in this. On Friday, he had a telephone conversation with the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Taran, who told him the Ukrainian version of events. Although Hultqvist himself disowns the pro-Ukrainian position and declares, that does not adhere to the version of Kiev, in his statement, he still accuses Russia of “creating tension” and appoints responsible for “escalation”.

The head of the Swedish Ministry of Defense builds his accusation on reports of weapons and equipment left after the exercises near the Ukrainian border. He probably should have read the messages of the Russian Ministry of Defense more carefully., and not listen to the tales of the Ukrainian. Yet 22 April Shoigu said, that weapons and equipment of the 41st Army of the Central Military District remain at the Pogonovo training ground in the Voronezh region for further participation in the exercises “West-2021”.

Basically, messages of the Russian military department are also called in the West part “information war”. So Shoigu's statement is “smoke screen”, and Russia is preparing for the next “aggression”.

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