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"In response to the recognition of the Armenian genocide": Turkey offered to close Incirlik airbase for the US Air Force

«In response to the recognition of the Armenian genocide»: Turkey offered to close the airbase for the US Air Force «İndjirlik»
Turkey called on to expel the American military from the territory of the military base “İndjirlik” in response to Biden's recognition of the Armenian genocide. The chairman of the Turkish party made a statement “Family” Dogu Perinchek.

The Turkish politician proposed to free the territory of the military base from the Americans within two weeks and establish full Turkish control over it.. Currently, the airbase is located as Turkish, and the US Air Force, previously, the forces of the Bundeswehr were located there, but in 2017 year they were bred.

Despite threats to close “İndjirlik” for Americans, everything will remain in place. U.S. Air Force will continue to take off from the easternmost U.S. Air Force and NATO Command Base in Europe, and Turkey also scare the Pentagon with possible expulsion. In recent years, this threat sounds, probably, for the fifth or sixth time, but everything remains, as it was.

In the USA, of course they understand, what Ankara can “kick up”, therefore, they are considering alternative options for the deployment of aviation. These are mainly the territories of Greece. They draw attention to the US naval base in the Greek Gulf of Souda on the north coast of Crete.. Athens is not against the placement of Americans, but the question remains with the deployment of American nuclear weapons, rumored to be stored on “Incirlike”.

the air base “İndjirlik” Turkey belongs, but not NATO, why Ankara has all the rights to the expulsion from its territory to the US Air Force.

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