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The dates for the start of serial deliveries of the S-8OFP "Armor-piercers" aviation missiles to the troops have been announced

The dates for the start of serial deliveries of S-8OFP aircraft missiles have been announced «anti-tank riflemen» to the troops
The latest aircraft missile “anti-tank riflemen” S-8OFP will begin to be serially delivered to the troops no earlier 2023 of the year. This was told by the executive director “Tehmasha” Alexander Kochkin.

According to him, quoted by RIA Novosti, The Ministry of Defense has not yet accepted the rocket into service, documents for it are being approved. Until these documents are signed, the military cannot purchase ammunition., despite my desire. Taking into account all the bureaucratic delays and manufacturing technology, serial missiles before 2023 no need to wait a year.

Unguided missile “anti-tank riflemen” completed state tests in 2018 year, at 2019 a batch of missiles was released for experimental military operation. It should have been adopted for service in this, 2021 year. At least this was planned and talked about in “TEHMI”. The reasons for this shift are unknown to us., possible long adoption of the missile into service, there are objective reasons.

As previously reported, rocket S-8OFP “anti-tank riflemen” should complement the S-8 unguided missile family for use with aircraft and helicopters (Su-24/25, Mi-8 and others). It is designed to destroy light armored vehicles and surface ships at a distance of up to 6 km. Its peculiarity is, which, depending on the task, can explode when hitting an obstacle, in front of her or behind a barrier. Caliber of the S-8OFP missile 80 mm, ie. same, like its predecessors, but the charge power is much higher.

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