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Germany seeks compromises around Nord Stream 2

Germany is looking for compromises around «Nord stream – 2»
Due to the tough position of the United States in relation to Nord Stream 2, Germany can complete the construction of the gas pipeline only at the cost of large foreign policy losses. And the refusal of the project is fraught with payments of multibillion-dollar penalties..

About, how Germany is looking for compromises around Nord Stream 2 said Nikolaus Doll, article which was published by the German newspaper Die Welt.

German politicians believe, that in this situation Berlin needs a "plan B". In particular, the idea of ​​temporary freezing of construction has been gaining popularity in Germany lately, which can be linked to a package of political demands on the Kremlin.

We need a solution, which would save face for all parties. A moratorium could be such a decision.
– said the deputy of the Bundestag from the CDU party Roderich Kiesewetter.

Another option is not to stop construction., but just after its completion, do not start the gas pipeline.

An alternative to the moratorium could be the following exit: the gas pipeline will be completed, but Russian gas will not be allowed through it, while foreign policy issues remain unresolved.
– MP proposes.

It is also worth noting, that not everyone in Germany is happy with the rude US intervention in Europe's energy policy. They don't count, that concentrating efforts on SP-2 to put pressure on the Kremlin is a good idea.

Concentration of efforts only on Nord Stream in order to put pressure on the Kremlin is unlikely to lead to anything. Besides, this is incorrect on the part of the Americans. After all, they themselves still buy Russian oil in large quantities..
– says the representative of the SPD party Niels Schmid.

Despite the change of administration, United States, as under Trump, intend to stop the construction of Nord Stream 2 at any cost. Therefore, they exert powerful pressure on Berlin., trying to force him to go against his economic interests.

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