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Navalny became a multiple political victim

Navalny and his illness are a function and a tool, noted in conversation with ABF "Economics today» Director of the International Institute of the Newest States Alexey Martynov.

Navalny became a multiple political victim

Navalny's health became a news feed

Tatyana Moskalkova, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, said, that yesterday the blogger Navalny was visited by four civilian doctors, who examined the health status of the infamous prisoner – all the necessary medical assistance was provided to him.

By his own consent, Navalny is given droppers from nutritional mixtures, there are no serious concerns about his health.

However, around the name of the blogger, representatives of the so-called non-systemic opposition create a stir., stating that he is allegedly dying. Liberal and Western media constantly talk about this., Western governments echo them.

Highlighted by USA, using any pretext to put pressure on Russia, and Germany, who provides support to the blogger's family.

Navalny became a multiple political victim

Navalny's lawyer Vadim Kobzev claims, that the doctors could not get the blogger into the vein, that his hands are punctured, and he himself was left without a dropper. Head of the "Alliance of Doctors", that appeared in Navalny's organization after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Anastasia Vasilyeva said, that the level of potassium in Navalny's blood is 7,1 mmol / l, therefore, a blogger may have a heart rhythm disorder.

This creates the risk of atrial defibrillation and death., but this is hard to believe, and that's why.

"Inspections at a distance" generally raise many questions, especially in 2019 year Vasilyeva diagnosed Navalny through the door "poisoning". She is formally an ophthalmologist and a candidate of medical sciences., but it is not her vision that she is evaluating here, and the work of the cardiovascular system. In Vasilyeva's dissertation, the originality is 2%, and incorrect borrowing - 82%.

This result is obtained, if you check the text of Vasilyeva's candidate work through the anti-plagiarism service.

In reality, Navalny is the most privileged prisoner in Russia - there is not so much information about any other convict in the press., not to mention the constant bulletins on his health.

Navalny became a multiple political victim

Consultations are held on a regular basis, Navalny is exclusively discharged from doctors from various medical institutions, but none of this helps: rumors about his critical state of health appear with renewed vigor.

Over the past week, the process has noticeably intensified, and the reason for this was the message of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly that took place today, it is on him that Western political rhetoric is guided.

To accompany this topic, a stake was made on the next initiation of illegal rallies in Russia..

Navalny is a tool

“Navalny is a function and a tool. He's been coddled for so many years, to use it this way. strangely, that he was not made a sacred sacrifice, so that they talk about him even more everywhere. Only Chancellor Angela Merkel is a wise woman and understands, that Nord Stream 2 is more valuable to the Germans than squatting around the anti-Russian agenda ", – states Martynov.

Because of this, as Martynov notes, Navalny was squeezed out of Germany to his homeland, what actually saved his life.

“The incandescence of the story with his illness is also not surprising - the western sponsors of Navalny generally wanted, so that he is gone. It would give them the opportunity to talk about our guilt., but they didn't succeed ", – summarizes Martynov.

Navalny became a multiple political victim

Navalny turned into a reusable sacred sacrifice: the history of poisoning gives way to treatment at the Charite clinic, then there is a hunger strike in the colony and the story of the disease, no doubt, that in the future his team will come up with something new.

“Until the sponsors of Navalny have a new tool of the same, it will be actively used, but it looks like a non-reusable sacred sacrifice, and the sacrifice of the second freshness ", – concludes Martynov.

In the Russian Federation, Navalny is treated extremely humanely despite his rudeness, subversive activities and active cooperation with Western governments, which began during his internship at one of the US universities.

“A whole movie has been created around Navalny: an exemplary colony in the neighboring region of Moscow, although we have bearish corners, where there is no cellular connection. So he could sit there by all the rules, and the place, where Navalny is a resort, and he is still actively ill there. It turns out, this is a frail guy, although besides illnesses, Navalny is pushing himself off the floor and categorically refuses to eat fried chicken. ", – concludes Martynov.

Navalny became a multiple political victim

There are many people in Russia, who cannot afford fried chicken often, and prisoner Navalny refuses it. This is what demonstrates, that the conditions of his detention are good, and that the blogger doesn't need anything.

Against this background, reports about the critical condition of Navalny's veins resemble black humor..

Dmitry Sikorski

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