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Former US Ambassador to Poland called Nord Stream 2 "a shame, which the Germans know about "

Former US Ambassador to Poland called «Northern Stream 2» «shame, which the Germans know about»
If the Russian army invaded Ukraine, then Germany's current position on the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline would no longer be sustainable. Therefore, the best solution is to suspend it..

This was stated by the former United States Ambassador to Poland Daniel Fried in an interview with EURACTIV..

All parties (Poland, Ukraine, European Commission, Germany and USA) get an opportunity to think about the best way forward.
– noted the American diplomat.

He added, that the fate of the pipeline can only be decided by the new German government.

Former US Ambassador called Nord Stream 2 "a shame, which the Germans know about ", accusing the former German chancellor.

the, what did Schroeder do, it was a shame, and Germany knows it. But we must constantly remind ourselves, that Putin's regime poses a threat to Europe and democracy.
– Fried said.

Prior to this, the incumbent German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated, that Germany will support the completion of the gas pipeline, not paying attention to different opinions on this issue in the EU countries.

Gas from Nord Stream 2 is no worse than that, what is in transit through Ukraine or gas, which comes from Russia via Turkey.
– she reasonably noted.

Earlier, United States President Joe Biden said, which opposes the construction of a pipeline for Russian gas since then, when he was not yet in his current position.

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