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In Sevastopol, a Russian working for intelligence of Ukraine detained

In Sevastopol, a Russian working for intelligence of Ukraine detained
Another spy detained in Crimea, worked for Ukraine's intelligence. As reported in the DSP of the FSB, a preventive measure has been taken against the detainee;.

FSB officers in the Republic of Crimea in Sevastopol detained a suspect in espionage for Ukraine. As the security officials explained, the detainee purposefully collected secret information about the Russian Black Sea Fleet, after which he handed them over to his Ukrainian curator.

FSB does not disclose all the details of the case, as well as the identity of the Ukrainian spy. From the message it became known, that the detainee is a citizen of Russia, a criminal case was initiated against him under the article on high treason. The suspect is currently in custody by court order, operational and investigative actions in order to identify possible accomplices, as well as other involved persons, continue.

note, that this is not the first person detained for work on intelligence in Ukraine, and not the last. Information about the Russian army, and in this case about the Black Sea Fleet, always interested in foreign intelligence and Ukrainian is no exception. Kiev wants to know, what can be expected from Russia in the Black Sea region, what forces can she put up in the event of a military conflict. Especially, that all intelligence information from Kiev is sent directly to NATO headquarters and the United States.

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