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"The Russians have disclosed the information themselves": in the West named the first customer howitzer "Msta-S" NATO caliber

«The Russians themselves disclosed the information»: in the West named the first customer of the howitzer «Msta -C» NATO caliber
155-mm "Msta-C"

The West is closely monitoring the supply of military equipment from the Russian Federation abroad, jealous of expanding the list of users of Russian defense products.

New features of "Msta-S"

The Russians themselves disclosed the information [about a new buyer], demonstrating the Msta-S self-propelled howitzer to a foreign customer, which has been adapted to the caliber of the gun 155 mm according to the NATO standard
– indicated in the western press.

We are talking about the recent demonstration of the capabilities of the combat platform when working together with the UAV "Orlan-10E". As officially approved, "Excellent interaction results have been shown": when receiving the coordinates of the target from the drone, the combat system automatically guided the gun. According to the manufacturer, in this way, you can successfully fire at a distance of 40 km.

It is unknown, for whom exactly this demonstration was organized. Mysteriously mentioned about a certain "foreign contractor". In this case, the caliber in 155 mm indicates, that the recipients of the modernized "Msta-S" could be the countries of Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, who still used western artillery systems.

However, it is worth noting, that currently the only export customer of the Orlan-10E system is Myanmar, which also has in its arsenal 155-mm howitzer Nora B-52 [Serbia] и NORINCO SH-1 [China]
– explain in the West, directly naming the first customer of the Msta-S howitzer with a NATO caliber.

«The Russians themselves disclosed the information»: in the West named the first customer of the howitzer «Msta -C» NATO caliber
155-mm "Msta-C"

Consumer of Russian systems

According to a number of analysts in the West, Myanmar is in the zone of influence of Moscow, which has intensified especially after the recent military coup (which at the same time, according to Western analysts, did not support China). In this regard, the modernization of the army is carried out according to Russian "patterns", accompanied by the purchase of equipment from the Russian Federation.

In recent years, Myanmar purchased Mi-24 and Mi-35P attack helicopters, MiG-29, training aircraft Yak-130, anti-aircraft missile systems S-125 "Pechora-2M" [near Belarus], armored personnel carriers BRDM-2MS [the latter are donated]. Besides, in January 2021 of the year, a contract was signed for the supply of the Pantsir-1S air defense missile system and the above-mentioned Orlan-10E reconnaissance systems.

Export version "Msta-S", adapted for NATO standard ammunition, was presented to the public in 2020 year. The new modification is designed to significantly expand the list of potential buyers of the Russian howitzer. Seven operators are currently using the 152mm variant., not counting the RF. These include Azerbaijan (18 u), Belarus (12), Ethiopia (12), Georgia (1), Ukraine (40), Venezuela (57) and Morocco (unknown quantity).

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