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Kiev wanted to increase the volume of Russian gas transit to Europe

Kiev wanted to increase the volume of Russian gas transit to Europe
Kiev wants to increase the transit of Russian gas through the Ukrainian GTS. In the relevant proposal, Ukraine has already turned to “Gazprom”.

Kiev quickly got their bearings and reacted to the statement of the Russian company about the forthcoming this summer “difficult season” gas injection into European UGS facilities, immediately offering to use the Ukrainian GTS, significantly increasing the volume of transit. The operator of the Ukrainian GTS offered “Gazprom” allocate additional capacity.

As the sentence suggests, a Russian company only needs to apply with an appropriate application and book additional capacities. However, anticipating, that Russia is unlikely to do it, in Kiev they offer another option, if only the country's gas transportation system continues to participate in the pumping of Russian gas.

The second option, proposed by Kiev, implies the sale of gas to European traders on the border of Russia and Ukraine and further transportation to Europe already “European gas”. But in this case, Ukraine wins, since gas flows through its GTS, but for this you have to pay money.

unknown, how will he react to these proposals “Gazprom”, but earlier the company said, that there will be no revisions of the contract concluded with Ukraine, also Russia does not intend to increase the volume of transit gas above that provided for in the agreement. At the present time “Gazprom” focused on completing the project “Northern Stream 2”.

In turn, Kiev fears a decrease in the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine, since in this case the GTS will no longer generate income, but will start working at a loss. And this means minus approximately 3 billion. dollars, which pays “aggressor”.

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