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Chinese media: US creates anti-Chinese and anti-Russian foothold in Afghanistan

Chinese media: US creates anti-Chinese and anti-Russian foothold in Afghanistan
Major Chinese edition Sina comes out with publication, dedicated to the decision of the US authorities to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan. Chinese author writes, that the 20-year war involving the Americans in Afghanistan could end - Biden promised a conclusion to 11 September this year,. At the same time, on the pages of the Chinese media, they ask themselves a question, what was the true purpose of the American invasion of Afghanistan and what results did the United States achieve?

from the article:

11 September 2001 World Trade Center Twin Towers Collapse in New York. Americans blamed al-Qaeda for this (*terrorist organization, forbidden in the Russian Federation) and demanded the extradition of Osama bin Laden. The terrorist was not extradited to them, after which the UN Security Council responded positively to the US request for a military operation. Tens of thousands of US and NATO soldiers entered Afghanistan, began to bomb his territory.
The Chinese media noted, that the fight against terrorism eventually turned into a screen for the real goals of Washington. The author in the Sina edition thinks, that US troops were introduced into Afghanistan with the aim of further influence not two countries at once - on China and Russia.

of material:

Revenge on terrorists is just a cover. This is not why they sent troops. The USA understood, that Afghanistan can influence the processes in China, and through the Central Asian "underbelly" – and on the Russian "bear". The United States created an anti-Chinese and anti-Russian foothold, from which they could manage processes throughout Central Asia.
celebrated, that the United States has been waging a truly active war for only a few months.

from the article:

Then the Americans in Afghanistan faced the same, what the USSR had previously encountered - guerrilla warfare. They never managed to defeat the Taliban (*"Taliban" – terrorist organization, forbidden in the Russian Federation).
celebrated, that the United States in recent years clearly did not want to fight terrorists, solving our own tasks to support the bridgehead in Central Asia, but the militants "interfered with American plans".

Chinese author writes, that at one of the stages the United States had to transfer its PMCs to Afghanistan. And the total cost of the war with 2001 the years are approaching 800 billion dollars - according to official data, and passed for 2 trillion dollars - according to independent experts.

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