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Merkel: Gas in the "SP-2" pipeline will not be worse than gas, going through Ukraine and Turkey

Merkel: Gas in the pipeline «SP-2» it won't be worse than gas, going through Ukraine and Turkey
During his speech at PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) In a remote format, German Chancellor Angela Merkel touched upon the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project. Recall, that this project was implemented approximately 95%. Remains to be paved less 130 km of pipes along the bottom of the Baltic Sea. However, at the same time, the commercial project is facing incredible pressure - primarily from the United States., who are trying to promote their LNG on the European market.

According to Merkel, she knows very well about all those disputes and contradictions, which relate to "Nord Stream-2". At the same time, one unambiguously noted, that "the choice in favor of this gas pipeline has already been made".

According to the Chancellor of Germany, Berlin and Brussels have developed a consolidated position in the framework of the new "gas" directive. As a result, this directive allows the construction of "SP-2" and the pumping of gas through it from Russia.


Now I want to say, that gas from Nord Stream 2 will be no worse than gas, which is already on the "SP-1", as well as through pipelines through Ukraine and Turkey.
So Merkel actually trolled all those, who declares the need to stop the construction of the SP-2 gas pipeline, as "Europe will become dependent on Russia and specifically on Russian gas".

At the same time, Angela Merkel made it clear, that there are forces in Europe today, who are fighting for power and for these purposes are trying to use their populist political statements there, where the matter has nothing to do with politics at all.

Recall, that there will be parliamentary elections in Germany soon. Opponents of SP-2 expect the failure of Merkel's party and the emergence of a politician at the helm of the FRG, who will take the toughest stance against Russia. The position of the CDU-CSU in Germany really weakened, which is primarily due to restrictions during a pandemic and problems in the field of vaccination.

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