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From vertical launchers and torpedo tubes: reported about salvo rocket launch of nuclear submarine "Kazan"

From vertical launchers and torpedo tubes: reported salvo rocket launch of nuclear submarines «Kazan»
Salvo missile launches are capable of causing enormous damage to enemy positions and infrastructure. Russian submarines are capable of such launches., related to the project 885M "Yasen-M". We are talking about salvo rocket launches with the use of the "Caliber" (refers to the modification of a submarine-based missile - "Caliber-PL") and Onyx.

The news agency TASS reported citing industry sources report, that the nuclear submarine "Kazan", related to the above project, carried out a salvo launch of missiles during state tests. The missiles came out of the VPU (vertical launcher) and torpedo tube.

From the VPU, reportedly, a cruise missile "Caliber" was launched, and from the torpedo tube - "Onyx". The first successfully hit the coastal target, the second is the sea. If the launches were carried out in this way, then it raises questions about the compliance of missile parameters with the dimensions of launchers (primarily a torpedo tube, naturally).

Tests of this kind of missile salvo were considered successful..

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Nuclear submarine missile cruiser K-561 "Kazan" is preparing for transfer to the Russian Navy. Expected, that this can happen in the summer 2021 of the year. This is a multipurpose nuclear submarine with cruise missiles., 4th generation submarine. The developer of the project 885M submarines is the design bureau "Malakhit". The submarine is capable of going to a depth of up to 600 m, sailing autonomy is about 100 day. The underwater displacement of "Kazan" and other APRKs of this project - 13,8 thousand. tonnes. crew - 64 man. In the future, the submarine may be armed with "Zircons", as previously reported in open sources.

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