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The head of the State Department called the Arctic a new "theater of conflict" between the United States and Russia

The head of the State Department called the Arctic new «theater of conflict» between the USA and Russia
The United States does not rule out the emergence of a new “theater of conflict”, where the interests of the United States and Russia will converge. It's about the Arctic. This was stated by the head of the American Department of State Anthony Blinken.

Washington DC celebrates, that a new point of confrontation between the United States and Russia may soon appear in the Arctic. Climate change leads to greater accessibility to this region, The Northern Sea Route becomes more and more passable. Warming opens up new opportunities for all countries in the region, claim in the USA.

On this background, as Blinken states, Russia almost single-handedly exploits the Arctic, trying to establish complete control over her. The construction of military bases and the deployment of weapons along the Northern Sea Route is especially emphasized.. China is also mentioned, which has its own interests in the North.

Basically, Blinken's statement about the new “theater of conflict” not new anymore. The United States has repeatedly stated the need to limit Russia's capabilities in this region., including the transfer of the Northern Sea Route under international control (read – USA). However, to date, all American ambitions are crushed by the lack of a powerful icebreaker fleet., which Russia has.

But over time, if the warming trend continues and the ice-free space increases, the United States and its partners will have the opportunity to build up their forces in the Arctic. Therefore, Russia needs to continue strengthening the Arctic borders, so that the United States does not have a desire to create another “theater of conflict”.

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