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The launching date of the regular Poseidon carrier was postponed

Terms of launching a standard carrier «Poseidon» moved
Launching a standard carrier of unmanned underwater vehicles “Poseidon” – nuclear submarine “Khabarovsk” project 09851 transferred again, now for autumn. It is reported by TASS with reference to a source in the defense industry.

Descent to the water of the submarine “Khabarovsk” moved again, a source in the OPK said. Autumn of this year is named new terms, without specifying specific dates. The source did not name the reason for the postponement of the ceremony for several months.. Early launch “Khabarovsk” planned in may, but this is also according to the source. On “Sevmash” traditionally, such news is not commented on, therefore there is no official information.

In general, the construction of a regular carrier of nuclear drones “Poseidon” surrounded by secrecy, as it should be. The press is content with or official statements, or rumors. At the moment there is information, that after launching and finishing afloat “Khabarovsk” will be tested, which will take at least two years.

Since there are no technical details of the project, supposed, that the Premier League “Khabarovsk” project 09851 can carry six “Poseidon”. He will become a regular carrier of nuclear marine drones.

There are currently three submarines in various stages of construction. – carrier “Poseidon” – experimental medium “Belgorod”, regular carrier “Khabarovsk” and the first serial “Ulyanovsk”. The first submarine to enter the Navy “Belgorod” – former submarine of project 949A “Antaeus”. Commissioning terms “Khabarovsk” not yet named. On the third “Ulyanovsk” everything is also hidden by fog. According to the plans of the Ministry of Defense, it must be operational before 2027 of the year.

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