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Close the Nord Stream 2 project or supply missiles to Kiev: in Europe are discussing, how to respond to Russia because of the situation in Ukraine

Close project «Northern Stream 2» or deliver missiles to Kiev: in Europe are discussing, how to respond to Russia because of the situation in Ukraine
German politician Manfred Weber of the Christian Social Union leads the right-wing European People's Party and with 2014 of the year is the chairman of her faction in the European Parliament. The other day he told the press, what if the tension between Russia and Ukraine does not subside, Nord Stream 2 can no longer be held. Then the project will be closed.

German politicians discuss "decisive response" to Russia

According to Weber, Russian President Vladimir Putin is deliberately escalating the situation and creating real threats to Ukraine, using Russia's power superiority. According to the German politician, such actions pose a serious danger to the European Union, along with other manifestations of "Russian aggression", to which Weber referred to "cyberattacks, misinformation, murder ".

Due to the situation in Ukraine, Weber submitted new sanctions against our country for discussion by the European Parliament. According to Weber, the current sanctions against Russia testify to the unity of the US and the EU, but if there is an escalation of the conflict in the east of Ukraine, then Russia will have to give a decisive rebuff. So, as one of the extreme measures, Weber considers the exclusion of Russia from the international system S.W.I.F.T.

Close project «Northern Stream 2» or deliver missiles to Kiev: in Europe are discussing, how to respond to Russia because of the situation in Ukraine
Manfred Weber heads the EPP in the European Parliament with 2014 of the year
Besides, as the German politician notes, Russia can be influenced by creating obstacles to the construction and launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Weber proposes to give Russia the opportunity to complete the construction of SP-2, but at the same time make the gas flow directly dependent on the behavior of the Russian authorities. If it does not suit the West in relation to the situation in Ukraine, then gas supplies through the pipeline can be stopped.

Another German politician, Alexander Lambsdorf of the Free Democratic Party, adheres to the same position.. He also proposes to make Russia understand, what if Moscow continues to be “prepare a military operation against Ukraine”, then the SP-2 project will be closed. The representative of Christian Democrats in the European Parliament Michael Galer went even further: he declared, that Europe should supply Ukraine with defensive weapons.

If Russian tanks appear there, then the Ukrainians should have anti-tank missiles, so they can protect themselves, as soon as the Russian army crosses the border,
– Galer emphasized.

A softer position is traditionally taken by representatives of Austria. While in Vienna they speak out against the next anti-Russian sanctions, although they express concern about Moscow's policy towards Kiev.

The reaction of ordinary Europeans

An interesting opinion on this matter of ordinary Europeans.

The pipeline follows, at least, suspend until then, until Russia makes real concessions. Because as soon as it works, Russia will get even more effective leverage,
– highlights one of the commentators Die Zeit.

Naturally, many familiar comments about "despot Putin" and the need to abandon the gas pipeline altogether, since Europe supposedly does not need it. Well, in Washington, they probably know better than the Germans or the French themselves about the energy needs of their countries.

However, there are more adequate opinions. So, Vater von Luthien reminds, that one should not blame only Russia for military preparations:

There are no messages anywhere about, that the US and NATO are moving 30 thousand and 15 thousands of pieces of military equipment to the Russian border at the same time - right now.

The Italian Alessandro Lucca also took part in the discussion. He's writing:

Italy participates in the SP-2 project and will continue to support construction. After all, Italy is still interested in good relations with Russia, and the EU should refrain from making such remarks.

As you can see, not everyone in Europe is hostile to Russia, but in general, the level of negative attitudes is growing, and this – direct fault of those very European politicians, who are signing new agreements with Russia with one hand, and the other – anti-Russian sanctions. As for the future SP-2, then he will still be determined by figures with a political rank much higher than the numerous factionalists of the European Parliament.

Author:Ilya Polonsky

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