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"Without Ukraine, Russia cannot become a world power": the Western press appreciated the deployment of Russian troops

«Without Ukraine, Russia cannot become a world power»: the Western press appreciated the deployment of Russian troops
An increase in the contingent of Russian troops on the western borders of the country, exercise-induced, attracts close attention of the western press. Most of the publications circulate the statements of American and European politicians., trying to give them an "analytical" shell.

Expansion will begin from Ukraine

ASPI Strategist was also involved in this process., positioning itself as a center of excellence. The author of one of the materials tried to find the background of Russia's military activity on the borders of Ukraine.

He thinks, at 2014 year to stop the "green men" helped the support of the United States, rendered independent. Therefore, it cost only "capture" 7% territory. Moscow, instead of acquiring new territories, received huge expenses., necessary for the maintenance of Crimea and Donbass - "economically devastated and cut off from the world economy". However, the Russian authorities cannot stop there..

Without Ukraine, Russia cannot become a world power - and this is precisely the goal of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
– The author believes, evaluating the deployment of Russian troops.

He thinks, the seizure of the square is only a prologue to the further expansion of the Kremlin.

If Russia now conquered Ukraine, next in line would be Poland
– indicates columnist.

He explains, that during 250 of the last 300 years this country was also part of the Russian Empire:

Independence, which Poland and Ukraine got with America's Cold War victory, remains a strong testament to U.S. superiority.

«Without Ukraine, Russia cannot become a world power»: the Western press appreciated the deployment of Russian troops

All forces on China

but, as the author notes, the new head of the White House, Joseph Biden, distances himself from both of these states. In the case of Andrzej Duda, this neglect could be justified by the "four-year admiration of the Polish leader for Donald Trump.". But the situation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky looks symptomatic: he greeted Biden's election victory with euphoria, however, I waited for the call for two months and then at a critical moment in the deployment of Russian troops near their borders.

Another ASPI Strategist article explains the U-turn of US foreign policy., however, from a different angle - when analyzing the reasons, prompting the withdrawal of the American military from Afghanistan. According to the author, the change in landmarks was caused by a sharp shift in Washington's focus on the Asia-Pacific direction:

US attention shifted to urgent fight with China.

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