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Former US Ambassador to Kiev named five options for, "How to stop Moscow and Russian troops"

Former US Ambassador to Kiev named five options for, «how to stop Moscow and Russian troops»
The Western press continues to discuss the pulling together of Russian troops to the western borders of our country. Formerly Angela Merkel and Joe Biden, addressing Russia, "Urged" Moscow to withdraw troops from the "border with Ukraine". Moscow's reaction is discussed in the German and American press, including the Kremlin's reaction to the new anti-Russian sanctions.

Some time ago, the Russian Foreign Ministry "advised" the American to "leave for Washington for consultations" after. Translated from diplomatic into ordinary language, this means the expulsion of the ambassador from the Russian Federation.

The German edition "Süddeutsche Zeitung" quotes the statement of the former US Ambassador to Kiev Steven Pifer. According to the American diplomat, “The Kremlin needs to be helped to weigh all the options in order to, so that they understand, what price will have to be paid for starting a war ".

Pifer, meanwhile, gives five options for, "How to stop Moscow and Russian troops".

option One: involve more Western politicians in the conversation with Vladimir Putin. of material:

Merkel spoke to Putin, let others do it too.
Option two: must, so that Merkel and other Western politicians talk to Zelensky and promise him some support.

Option three: Berlin and other European countries could send specific military aid to Ukraine.

Pifer at the same time declares, that "flights are needed to monitor the activities of Russian troops on the border". Interesting, what flights are we talking about after, as Russia, without waiting for the return of the United States to the Open Skies Treaty, withdrew from the contract? The former US ambassador to Kiev called "Flights over Russian troops" fourth way "Stop Moscow and the Russian army".

Fifth option Mr Pifer considers pressure on Russia over Nord Stream 2. According to him, The West should “explain to Russia, what her project expects in the event of the outbreak of hostilities ". An interesting statement ... And what the project expects?.. If the fighting starts, then the gas pipeline "SP-2" nor Russia, no Germany will need, as the Ukrainian GTS "in full force" will come under control, which will at least prevent Kiev from continuing to blackmail Moscow and the European Union.

But, according to Pifer, all these steps can "cool the ardor of Russia". Does it mean that, what if Russia is "ardent", then the Biden administration has a "fever"?

Meanwhile, the West is reacting to the decision of the Russian Federation to expel the US Ambassador. The liberal western press writes, that Russia "escalates the situation and refuses the proposed de-escalation". In general, the rhetoric resembles the plot of the well-known anecdote with the phrase “Why?»

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