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Upgraded Serbian howitzer "Nora" was fired before testing in the USA

Upgraded Serbian Howitzer «Nora» was fired before testing in the USA
As part of the selection of a self-propelled artillery unit for the American army, which began in August last year, organized by the Pentagon, in the near future, a test cycle of the Nora B-52 M21 howitzer will take place in the United States, made in Serbia. Upgraded Serbian self-propelled howitzer "Nora" was fired before testing in the USA.

This is reported by the Polish portal Defense 24.

Manufacturers of barreled artillery systems of caliber 155 millimeters on a wheeled chassis. All applicants will have to pre-pass tests with US military personnel. As a result, the system will be selected, which will go into service with the American army.

The Nora B-52 M21 is the latest version of the Serbian Nora family of self-propelled howitzers., developed by the Military Technical Institute of Belgrade and manufactured at the Complex Combat Systems plant, part of the Yugoimport concern. The system is armed with a gun caliber 155 mm and barrel length, of equal 52 calibers. ACS meets NATO standards, although it can also carry a 152 mm. Howitzer rate of fire is six rounds per minute, and the effective range of fire 25 kilometers for standard ammunition and 41 kilometer for jet.

During modernization, among other things, original chassis, based on the Russian KamAZ, was replaced by German MAN, and also introduced an automatic firing system.

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