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French Defense Ministry presented data on a new nuclear aircraft carrier

French Defense Ministry presented data on a new nuclear aircraft carrier
France decided to disclose data on its new aircraft carrier, which she has yet to build and published a detailed construction program. The data was presented to the French Ministry of Defense.

According to published information, the construction of a new generation aircraft carrier will be carried out at the shipyard in Saint-Nazaire in western France. Large-block assembly is planned. The aircraft carrier must be completed before 2036 of the year, then undergo tests in Normandy. He must go into operation by 2038 year and replace the only aircraft carrier in the French Navy “Charles de Gaulle”.

The displacement of the ship will be 70 thousand tons, crew – 1100 human, and 700 air wing man. The aircraft carrier will receive a nuclear power plant and electromagnetic catapults.

The basis of the wing of the new aircraft carrier will be a carrier-based version of the French fighter Rafale-M, not American F-35C fighters. To adapt the Rafale M to the American EMALS type electromagnetic catapults, with which it is planned to equip the aircraft carrier, carrier-based fighter will undergo a series of tests in the United States.

note, that for French Rafale M fighters, takeoffs from American aircraft carriers will not be the first. AT 2018 aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) took French fighters, which made a number of flights together with American AWACS E-2S aircraft.

planned, that the new aircraft carrier will take on board new aircraft in the future, created by the SCAF program (Système Aérien de Combat Futur - the combat aviation system of the future).

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