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15 April - Day of the electronic warfare specialist of the Armed Forces of Russia

15 April – Day of the Electronic Warfare Specialist of the Armed Forces of Russia
The Electronic Warfare Specialist's Day celebration was set 31 May 2006 year by decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Its date is 15 April - dedicated to one small, but very significant, the victory of Russia during the Russo-Japanese War, which was not the most successful for her.

Then, 15 April 1904 years, the Russian military for the first time in Russian history successfully used electronic warfare in a real combat situation. On that day, the Japanese armored cruisers Nissin and Kasuga fired at the Russian squadron and the fortress of Port Arthur, which was corrected by radio communication. Russian signalmen, serving on the battleship Pobeda and the telegraph station on land, with the help of radio interference, they interfered with the work of the Japanese spotters and thwarted the shelling, thus making a significant contribution to the heroic defense of Port Arthur.

Later date 15 April was recognized as the day of foundation of the electronic warfare service of the Armed Forces of Russia, and then the professional holiday of the servicemen of this type of troops.

15 April – Day of the Electronic Warfare Specialist of the Armed Forces of Russia
Holiday is not a day off, but to all EW servicemen, unemployed, you can get together in a warm company at a good table, accepting congratulations from colleagues and relatives.

The editorial board of "Military Review" congratulates specialists in electronic warfare on their professional holiday. We want to wish you, defenders of the Fatherland from invisible enemies, good health, success in the service and true friends.

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