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"Decision is made": Russia will build its own orbital station

«Decision is made»: Russia will build its own orbital station
Russia will build its own orbital station, the construction project was approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is reported by Russian media.

Russian head of state on Monday, 12 April, held a closed meeting on the development of the space industry. As a result, a decision was made to build a Russian orbital space station., which will replace the Russian segment with the ISS.

Details of the planned construction were not disclosed, supposed, that it will start soon, to avoid a long break between the conservation of the Russian segment on the ISS and the launch of a new station. Conservation is planned to start in 2025 year.

Recall, that last November RKK “Energy”, which is the operator of the Russian segment of the International Space Station, proposed to abandon further participation in the ISS program and focus on the creation of a Russian space station. It noted, that the further operation of the ISS will lead to huge expenses for maintaining the technical condition due to the deterioration of the modules.

According to RKK plans, new russian space station (ROS) will consist of three to seven interchangeable modules. The station will be autonomous, created with an open architecture and an unlimited service life. According to RKK plans “Energy” commissioning of the station should begin after 2024 of the year.

Earlier, Roscosmos said, that the ISS will expire in 2024 year, however, Russia intends to agree on its extension until 2030. According to the plans of Roscosmos, modules should go to the ISS “Science”, nodal and scientific-energy modules. Retrofitting the Russian segment of the ISS with these modules within three years will make it completely independent from the rest of the station, which can lead to the creation of a new orbital station on its basis.

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