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Ukraine criticized Zelensky's decision to transfer part of Motor Sich shares to Turkey

Ukraine criticized Zelensky's decision to transfer part of the shares «Motor Sich» Turkey
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky offered actions to Turkish President Recep Erdogan “nationalized” Company “Motor Sich”, this decision in Ukraine was called “big mistake”. It is reported by Ukrainian media.

Ukrainian media write, that Zelensky during his last visit to Turkey, last week, offered Turkey about 50% shares “Motor Sich”. According to Kiev, the enterprise should be interesting for Turkish investors, as it manufactures aircraft engines for Turkish drones.

you think, Zelensky just visited Ankara? 50% shares “Motor Sich” Turks have already been invited. The only question is, 50% “a plus 1 stock” or 50% “minus one share?
– the media quoted the source, familiar with the situation.

It is emphasized, that Turkey has shown interest in buying shares “Motor Sich” last fall.

According to Ukrainian experts, offering to buy shares in Turkey, Zelenskiy publicly insults China. Even if Kiev returns Chinese investments in 3,5 billion. dollars, invested in shares “Motor Sich” and penalties by court decision, a very big insult will be inflicted “superpower” and Beijing will not forgive it. The option of transferring part of Turkey's shares in Ukraine itself is called “big mistake”.

Recall, that in March of this year, Zelensky signed a decree on “nationalization” Company “Motor Sich” and the withdrawal of all shares in favor of the state. Chinese investors, shareholding enterprises, filed with international arbitration to recover the invested funds and penalties from Ukraine.

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