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In the Chinese Sohu: Joint exercises with the US Navy in the Philippines announced after the "disappearance" of President Duterte

In the Chinese Sohu: Joint exercises with the US Navy in the Philippines were announced after «disappearances» President Duterte
Chinese press releases material, which discusses the joint exercises of the US Navy and the Philippines. A few days ago, statements were made in the United States, in which it was openly stated, that the teachings are anti-Chinese. In particular, pointed out, that the United States “will continue to provide assistance to its allies, preventing China from occupying the disputed archipelagos in the South China Sea ". First of all, we are talking about the Spratly archipelago, which in China is called Nansha.

It is important to note, that a few months ago, Beijing and Manila discussed the possibility of joint economic activities in the archipelago, which significantly eased tensions between the two countries, which took place precisely in connection with disputes over the ownership of the archipelago.

The Chinese media noted, that it was precisely Beijing's constructive dialogue with the Philippine authorities that irritated Washington. There, as it is believed in the PRC, make every effort to, to drive a wedge back into the relationship between the Philippines and China.

The Sohu portal discusses a noteworthy issue.. Chinese author writes, that Manila's relationship with Beijing suddenly deteriorated sharply, noting - "for no objective reason". In the military-thematic section of the Chinese information resource:

Attention is drawn to the fact, that since the end of March there has been no information about the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte. Last time he performed in public 29 Martha. 7 April he was supposed to perform with the planned televised address, however, the event was canceled for unknown reasons. This is an extremely rare case..
Chinese author writes about strange coincidence: joint exercises with the US Navy in the Philippines announced after the "disappearance" of President Duterte. Rumors about the "disappearance" of President Duterte have been circulating in the Philippines for at least a week..

Against this backdrop, Philippine Senator Christopher Go posted a post on social media, where stated, that Rodrigo Duterte is healthy. Guo posted images, on which the President of the Philippines plays golf and runs around the territory of the presidential palace, doing sports. previously it was assumed, that Duterte could get sick. But the senator claims, that everything is fine with the president at the moment.

Philippine media reports that, that Rodrigo Duterte announced his reluctance to get vaccinated against covid.

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