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Iranian nuclear facility crashed

Iranian nuclear facility crashed
In the electrical grid at an Iranian nuclear facility, where uranium is enriched, there was an accident. The facility is located in Natanz, in the central part of the country.

The head of the press service of the Nuclear Energy Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran Behruz Kamalvandi told the Iranian news agency YJC about this..

he noted, that the accident did not lead to casualties among personnel and local population and was not accompanied by environmental pollution. The reasons for the incident are still unknown.. The authorities are investigating the accident and finding out its causes, which will then be made public. All additional information will be published. Reported only, that an emergency has occurred in the power distribution network of the facility.

There was an incident this morning, affecting part of the power distribution network of the Shahid Ahmadi Roshan enrichment facility (Natanz). According to our information, Fortunately, this incident did not cause pollution and harm to humans.
– said Kamalvandi.

AT 2015 year Russia, USA, Germany, France and China signed an agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran to lift sanctions against Tehran in exchange for winding down the nuclear program. AT 2018 year the United States withdrew from the agreement. Now in Tehran they are talking about, that the US should take the first step in meeting the terms of the deal – lift all anti-Iranian sanctions.

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