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Indian columnist: It makes no sense to create a PAK DA supersonic for Russia

Indian columnist: It makes no sense to create a PAK DA supersonic for Russia
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The Indian press discusses the development in Russia of a promising long-range aviation complex PAK DA. We are talking about a new generation strategic missile carrier, which will be able to operate, including in a network-centric version - with the control of several attack drones.

Indian columnist Priyesh Mishra writes about, that Russia was informed about the determination of the future appearance of the PAK DA against the background of the deepening crisis in relations with the United States.

Points out, that the bomber will have subsonic speed. At the same time, India presented their arguments in favor of, that it makes no sense to create a PAK DA supersonic for the Russian Federation. main reason, why Russia will create a promising subsonic missile carrier, according to an Indian observer, due to the fact, that it will be capable of carrying long-range hypersonic aircraft missiles.

celebrated, that “it will be enough for the aircraft, unnoticed for enemy radars, to approach the launch distance, then to, using hypersonic cruise missiles, hit targets on land or at sea ".

You accept Mishra:

This bomber will be able to use various types of missile weapons., including hypersonic missiles with nuclear warheads. Russian experts have studied the capabilities of American radars, and therefore we can talk about, that it will not be difficult for him to launch from a sufficient distance.
Indian expert notes, that PAK DA “will be able to control an entire army of shock and reconnaissance and strike drones, including giving them a command to overcome the enemy's air defense shield ".


And if it is up to a hundred drones, then no air defense system will definitely cope with them.
While talking about a hundred drones, of course, prematurely, however, a hypothetical such possibility may well be realized. And they pay attention to her abroad..

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