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Edward Beale as a mirror of Russian life

Edward Beale as a mirror of Russian life

once, back in Soviet times, when I served in a large youth newspaper, from the Central Committee of the Komsomol we were "let down" the deputy editor-in-chief. Thoroughbred nomenclature appearance, noble gray hair, become. Robert Redford and Richard Gere smoking on the sidelines. But in the editorial office, to be respected, need to show, that your own feather is sharp as a bayonet. Since the newspaper is youth, our boss decided to share his views on the younger generation. It turned out to be a whole strip. The author was demanding of himself and fought over the title until the very signing of the issue.. One variant after another was cast on the linotype. "Rot", "Scum", "Trash", "Trash" - the Komsomol leader was looking for, what is the name of the youth. Closer to midnight, the choice fell on "Mold". I have seen, how the author smiled with satisfaction and leaned back in the editorial chair.

The least I want, so that my thoughts resemble a scene from a bygone era. However, the accident, arranged on the Garden Ring by pranker Edward Beale, makes you talk about a new social phenomenon, when describing which it is difficult to refrain from epithets, once blown up the skull of the workers of the main Komsomol headquarters. Another thing, in that era, young people did not deserve these words, and now a machine-gun burst of furious terms, which sounded in the printing house, may seem like a mild compliment ...

The worst thing in the history of "blogger Beal" is not that, that he caused material damage to car owners. And not that, that he had an astronomical amount of fines, what didn’t stop you from driving around the city. And not even that, that he crippled a woman (God bless her, according to the latest messages she came to her senses). The worst thing is that the young man serves as an example for millions of subscribers of his YouTube channel., who admired antics, built on humiliation of people. Pranker fed on donations, became a millionaire and became convinced, that people are nutritious plankton for gags. If we spoke, what a fault for the tragedy, what happened to Mikhail Efremov a hundred meters from the cursed place, falls on his druzhbanov, Likewise, Edward Beale's internet entourage is responsible for the tragic finale.

Edward Beale capitalized on the worst aspects of human nature. As has been known since time immemorial, human, being a social animal, is a product of the impact of society. Why in Russia, which declares loyalty to traditional values ​​and sets itself up as an example for the West that has lost its moral compass, the social stratum was born and parasitized, mostly young people, who doesn't bother with work, but, playing on human vices, collects immeasurable tribute on social networks? Or traditional values ​​just for talks?

The name of the law, their name is legion. Haters, pranksters, masters of bullying and mobbing, trolls of all stripes. They especially multiplied during a pandemic., when people were walled up in apartments and switched to social networks. Recently, psychologists from the University of Wroclaw conducted a study of this phenomenon.. proved, that the audience, which terrorizes citizens, in addition to disregard for morality, characterized by psychopathy and narcissism. However, as often happens with discoveries in psychology, troll victims know it without science, solely from my own sad experience.

Is there a remedy, which will fix the situation? The invincible fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov demands increased control over all this "dirt", why do you need to establish an organ, who will handle moral censorship. Champion fell into noble outrage over rapper Morgenstern, who is going up the hill by leaps and bounds and was appointed to the post of director of youth work in a large Russian private bank. Morgenstern - the same age as Edward Beale and also a millionaire. No doubt, both characters would be perfect as illustrations for the memorable article "Mold".

How easy it is to decide the truth in fights without rules, where Khabib did not know equals! In life, everything is more complicated. In Morgenstern on YouTube channels 10 million subscribers, in Habiba - 30 millions. Although the audience, of course, different. As mathematicians say, two sets, which are mutually disjoint. However, the problem is serious, since parallel to the economic decline, the demand for state paternalism is growing. Frequent bans, imposed by the authorities, ever higher. There have just been calls to close the anatomical theater at VDNKh, who traveled 30 nations. Edward Beale's antics can also be a reason for, to shred social media. Glorious Roskomnadzor, what the hunt on Twitter shows, got his hand on sanctions.

As the philosopher Grigory Pomerants said, "The devil begins with foam on the lips of an angel" (going into battle for a just cause). Ethical norms evolve so rapidly, that fighters for morality become obscurantists. The great Goethe has a phrase “the habit of wearing glasses, all coming closer to us, there is the main reason for the conceit of today's youth ". By the way, at the court of Nicholas I, wearing glasses was allowed only to the Minister of Finance. In the second half of the 19th century, society was overwhelmed by the controversy over bloomers for cyclists., that, as moralists believed, lead to corruption of society, but few people know now, what is this thing ...

Censorship seems mandatory to contemporaries, but soon it turns out, that this is the lot of retrogrades. How many protests were against the waltz, and then jazz! Meek Korney Chukovsky was banned because of allegories in "Mukha-Tsokotukha" and "Crocodile". Leo Tolstoy's novel "Anna Karenina" was banned in many countries due to immorality and corruption of the public. And today it is necessary to send to the archive "Master and Margarita" for extremism, sheer devilry and insult to the feelings of believers.

It is difficult to find the golden mean between tradition and renewal of life, one misstep drives another. But what about without trying, if on the one hand - the abyss of the archaic, on the other - turning into dirt and mold.

Censorship and Sanctions - Mechanism, born of power weakness. There is an effective remedy, which solves the problem. This is a great common cause on a national scale. The best way to deal with the fictitious Edward Beale is to fly to fictitious Mars. But for a long time the country has not set itself high tasks., which there were many in a bygone era. here, for example, just got stuck in dead traffic Suez Canal. But the Russian Northern Sea Route, despite the beautiful projectors, cannot be a substitute simply due to lack of infrastructure. Deserted places, uninhabited, despite the mantras, that the Arctic is the richest treasure of the planet.

Previous generations of Russian people conquered distant expanses, went into space, created intellectual and spiritual masterpieces. Is your gut really thin today and you only have enough strength to race on the Garden Ring??

Sergey Leskov

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