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The Black Triangle Incident: US and British military keep aircraft data secret, crashed at Boscombe Down in 1994

Incident with «black triangle»: US and British military keep aircraft data secret, crashed at Boscombe Down in 1994
One of the rare photographs of the British Air Force Base Boscombe Down

22 September 1994 , the British, living in communities near Boscombe Down airbase, reported an incomprehensible noise, which approached the area of ​​the base. The next day, residents again reported, that you heard the noise, similar to those sounds, which makes a freight train. Basically, there was little surprising in such noise, considering the specifics of the airbase, but more about everything.

Royal Air Force Boscombe Down has long been the primary site for testing and evaluating new British Air Force warplanes.. AT 1971 the base was built, and then the British Center for Research and Testing of Aircraft and Weapons began to operate it.

In Boscombe Down, promising aircraft were tested and restored foreign aircraft were studied in order to analyze foreign experience and technologies of aircraft construction.. During the period under review, the first half of the 1990s, the base was administered by the Agency for Defense Assessment and Research (DERA).

September 1994: exciting events at the airbase

But back to the events of the third decade of September 1994 of the year. in the evening 26 September, as a result of an unknown malfunction of the aircraft, the runway of the Boscombe Down airbase was stopped. The crashed plane was quickly covered with tarpaulin, he was surrounded by ambulances. Witnesses said, that the rear of the plane was raised, what could indicate a breakdown of the nose of the air vehicle. The plane was moved to the hangar, where he was for the next two days.

Eyewitnesses then reported the arrival of a British Army Special Operations Force at Boscombe Down.. According to some reports, helicopter Agusta A109 arrived at the airbase, owned by the SAS covert transfer support unit (Special Air Service), and the Chinook helicopter from the 7th squadron of the RAF, also involved in supporting the British Special Operations Forces.

It was also reported that several unusual aircraft arrived at the airbase.. Among them was, for example, the plane C-12 Huron USAF , used by the Ministry of Defense for priority air travel throughout Europe. Besides, Boeing flew to the base 707. According to some reports, last plane, acquired by the American government in 1992 year, used for the secret needs of the US Central Intelligence Agency and the US Air Force Special Operations Command.

28 September 1994 eyewitnesses accidentally saw, how a partially covered aircraft was removed from the base hangar. He was charcoal gray, with inwardly sloped twin tail fins and was close in size to a large fighter. But no one could identify the model of the plane. Its removal from the hangar follows the arrival at the base of the US Air Force C-5 Galaxy..

of course, British War Office, like the Pentagon, denied the incident at Boscombe Down AFB. However, the information leaked, and the newsmakers of the British and American media were unnamed officers of the Royal Air Force. I.e, information about the event was received by journalists almost at first hand. Today they write about it in The Drive.

Scout, transport plane or something else?

AT 1997 Air Forces Monthly wrote, that the crashed plane was a long-discussed ASTRA project (Advanced Stealth Reconnaissance Aircraft), manufactured by Northrop and called AV-6 (Air Vehicle Six).

As Brett Tingley writes, the crashed plane could be one of quite a few stealth aircraft for reconnaissance needs, which were used by the United States Air Force. Such aircraft were called by eyewitnesses of their flights only "black triangles" – due to color and specific shape.

Incident with «black triangle»: US and British military keep aircraft data secret, crashed at Boscombe Down in 1994
In the same time, there was no convincing evidence of the existence of a new reconnaissance aircraft. Furthermore, just during the period under review, satellites were actively developing, which were much more effective, than traditional aerial reconnaissance, and the popularity of the latter has been steadily declining. American aircraft designers could not fail to take into account current trends, therefore it is possible, that the incident at Boscombe Down occurred with the TR-3A subsonic tactical aircraft.

As Tyler Rogoway emphasizes, such aircraft did exist in the first half of the 1990s. Besides, at that time, work was underway to create small, stealthy tactical transport aircraft for the needs of special operations forces. They also had to go unnoticed., to secretly transfer special forces units to perform top-secret missions.

Another analyst Thomas Newdick admits the probability, that the plane crashed at Boscombe Down could be a foreign machine, somewhere captured and rebuilt at a British airbase in order to study. After all, the center, airbase, specialized, including, and on the recovery of foreign aircraft.

Joseph Trevithick, by sending a journalistic request to the US CIA, got a pretty interesting reply: a responsible CIA official advised him to contact the Department of Defense and the Air Force for further comment. However, the Air Force Security Center reported, that they are not aware of any incident at the British airbase in 1994 year. There were no clear answers from the British War Office and the Royal Air Force of Great Britain..

It turns out, that nearly thirty years later, the Boscombe Down incident is still a mystery under seven seals. And this allows you to make a variety of guesses and build the most unimaginable versions regarding, what kind of secret plane did the British and Americans hide and why is there still silence about it?.

Author:Ilya Polonsky
used photos:Wikipedia / Rodw

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