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Swedish expert: In case of war, Russian Kaliningrad can be shot through with artillery from Lithuania and Poland

Swedish expert: In case of war, Russian Kaliningrad can be shot through with artillery from Lithuania and Poland
A wave of publications continues to show itself in the Western press, associated with the alleged growing threat from Russia. The columnist for the Swedish edition of Svenska Dagbladet Junas Gumesson writes about, that “the editorial office was called from the phone, whose number is not determined, and talked about the closed seminar, held in the country's parliament ".

According to the journalist, The "unknown number" turned out to be the telephone of the acting head of intelligence of Sweden Daniel Ohlsson.

Sweden's chief scout:

AT 2020 military activity against Sweden and the Baltic countries became the largest since the end of the Cold War. According to our estimates, in case of war, Russia will have an advantage in the region over NATO and allies, at least, at the first stage. We see, that the main goal of Russia is to create obstacles to, so that the Americans can transfer their large forces to the region in the event of hostilities.
The Swedish columnist, meanwhile, reminds his readers, that Sweden is not a member of NATO. According to him, this leads to, that “there are no security guarantees for Sweden.

In the Swedish press:

Sweden's only hope in case of war – this is the coming to the rescue of the americans. But the Russians, as Daniel Olsson said they are trying to prevent it.
The edition indicates that, that Russia is building up a powerful grouping of troops in the western direction - in the Kaliningrad region. According to the observer, one side, this is the most vulnerable region of Russia, since it is surrounded by the territories of other states (Home NATO), on the other hand, modern weapons and a large military group are deployed in the Kaliningrad region.

Fredrik Westerlund, representing the Stockholm Institute for Defense Research, calls Kaliningrad part of Russia's forward shield “along with Crimea and Transnistria, where are the Russian troops ".

Swedish defense and security expert:

Still, in case of war, it will be difficult for the Russians to defend Kaliningrad.. for example, from the territory of Lithuania and Poland, it can be shot through with artillery.
According to Westerlund, “Kaliningrad is highly valued in Russia, and his loss would be a big loss for the regime ".

As seen, the West is increasingly discussing the possibility of a major war in Europe with the participation of the American military and attacks on Russian territories.

used photos:VKontakte / Ministry of Defense of Russia

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