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"Preparing for a Russian attack from Crimea" – in the press of Ukraine comment on the fees of territorial defense units

«Preparing for a Russian attack from Crimea» - in the press of Ukraine comment on the fees of territorial defense units
It became known, that the command of the Ground Forces of Ukraine announced the collection of territorial defense units (TrO). Territorial defense units, according to Ukrainian media reports, will be engaged in working out actions, aimed at combating sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the enemy, protection of critical infrastructure.

The press service of the Ukrainian military department announces, that at the moment the tasks of "building up the capabilities of the TRO units" are being solved.

At the same time, a list of specific tasks is announced., which will be decided by the territorial defense units during the announced fees. The main task is declared "to protect the administrative border with Crimea".

Recall, that Kiev continues to consider the Crimean peninsula its territory, and therefore the state border between Ukraine and Russia on the Crimean section is called "administrative".

also notes, that TRO units will be involved in monitoring the implementation of curfews in a number of localities in the south of the country, for the protection of buildings of state authorities, infrastructure facilities of particular importance.

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Troop divisions will also be engaged in countering anti-state illegal armed groups..
Ukrainian press, including the military-themed portal Defense Express, commenting on the announced fees of territorial defense units, He writes, that "they are preparing for a Russian attack from Crimea".

Recall, that some kind of prepared Russian attack in Ukraine has been repeated all the last days. Formerly press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, answered a question from a Ukrainian journalist, sounded like this: “Will Russian servicemen get lost when moving near the borders of Ukraine??"Sands noted, that they will not "get lost", and that the Russian military on their territory can move anywhere, at the same time for any country, including Ukraine, Russia does not create a threat, but he cares about his safety, as it should be.

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