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"The offensive is about to begin": Western experts have voiced Russia's "attack plans" on Ukraine

«The offensive is about to begin»: Western experts voiced «attack plans» Russia to Ukraine
Russia's actions, concentrating its troops on the Ukrainian borders, cause alarm not only in Ukraine, but all over the world. Western military experts are confident, that Moscow is about to launch an offensive, writes the American edition of the Atlantic Council.

The publication writes, that Russia does not intend to conclude a peace agreement with Ukraine, and the escalation of the military conflict is Moscow's reaction to the actions of the President of Ukraine Zelensky, who did not compromise on the sovereignty of eastern Ukraine, what caused Putin's discontent.

As stated by the director of the Eurasian Center at the Atlantic Council John Herbst, Russia has increased its strength and is preparing an offensive, the goals of which may be Mariupol and a canal in the Kherson region to provide the Crimea with water. Also, the option of entering Russian “peacekeepers” to the territory of the self-proclaimed republics. not excluded, that this is just Putin's attempt to check Biden “for strength”.

According to William Taylor, Vice President of the US Institute for Peace, The Kremlin is already waging a war with Ukraine using all means. Moscow's goal is not only Ukraine, but the whole of Europe and the USA. Therefore, Washington needs to increase pressure on Moscow as economic, and by political means.

Anders Åslund, Senior Researcher at the Atlantic Council, is of the opinion about the imminent time of the offensive., according to which, Putin is ready to attack Ukraine, as he needs to strengthen his position within Russia. According to Aslund, the Russian president needs “small victorious war”.

Center Director “New Europe” Alena Getmanchuk thinks, that the war of Russia against Ukraine has been going on for a long time, therefore, the US and Europe need to agree on a common response to Russian threats.

According to Taras Kuzio of the National University “Kiev-Mohyla Academy”, Russia is unlikely to launch a large-scale offensive, but will try to create “trap” similar to the Georgian 2008 year, which will allow her to launch an invasion “to protect their citizens” and justify the offensive.

In this way, summing up the conclusions of Western experts, we can say, that the West considers Russia to be guilty of unleashing the conflict in Ukraine and is confident in her attack on Kiev. In this case, the option, that Moscow has no plans to get involved in a military conflict, not considered at all. This confirms the clear anti-Russian position of the collective West., which will continue the policy of economic and political pressure on Russia, regardless of her statements and actions.

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