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Australia celebrates 100 years of its Air Force

Australia celebrates 100 years of its Air Force

Editorial board of the Telegram channel "Wings of War" talks about the main news from the world of military aviation over the past days.


Air parade in honor of the 100th anniversary of the country's Air Force

In the capital of Australia 31 Martha 2021 of the year, an aviation parade was held in honor of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the country's Royal Air Force. More than 60 airplanes and helicopters.

The Australian Air Force traces its history back to the Imperial Conference, held in London in 1911 year, on which it was decided to develop aviation in the armed forces of the British Empire. Australia complied with decision, endorsing the creation of the "Australian Air Corps". It was originally the Central Flying School at Point Cook., Victoria, opened 22 October 1912 of the year. The corps remained part of the Australian army until 1919 of the year.

The Australian Air Force as a separate branch of the country's armed forces was formed 31 Martha 1921 of the year.


Helmand crashed helicopter

Afghan Army Black Hawk Helicopter 31 march crashed. He crashed in an emergency landing. The disaster took place in the province of Helmand. The Ministry of Defense of the country reported the death of three people.

Taliban militants 1 (It banned in Russia) stated, that the downed helicopter was their work, but later the head of the provincial council of Helmand denied this information.


Indian Su-30MKI in one formation with the American EA-18G

India and US begin two-day naval exercises in the eastern Indian Ocean.

To improve interaction, Indian Air Force fighters were included in an air interception and air defense exercise with the US Navy..


Canadian Air Force Elephant Ride

Royal Canadian Air Force 1 April 2021 celebrated the 97th anniversary. Air Force formed in 1920 year, and 1924 they were named after the Royal Air Force.

In honor of the anniversary 15 CF-18 Hornets and six CT-155 Hawks flew over Cold Lake.

China (Taiwan)

Taiwan border violation

The Ministry of Defense of the People's Republic of China has distributed a video of flights of PLA Air Force planes in the so-called "identification zone of the air defense of the Republic of China" (Taiwan).

earlier, 26 Martha 2021 of the year, Ministry of Defense of the Republic of China (Taiwan) reported a violation of its air defense zone 20 PLA Air Force aircraft, including four Xian H-6K missile carriers and 10 fighters Shenyang J-16.


Paraguayan Air Force received three Bell UH-1H Iroquois helicopters, as well as a significant amount of spare parts, donated by the government of Taiwan.

AT 2019 Taipei has already delivered two such helicopters. The president Mario Abdo Benitez ratified the plan of cooperation between the two countries, including the provision of services for the maintenance of the received machines. Paraguay is the only country in South America, recognizing Taiwan as an independent state.


The long-awaited flight of the Il-112B

Flight test program of the Il-112V light military transport aircraft, built under a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense, continued 30 Martha 2021 of the year. The flight was carried out at the airfield of the Voronezh aircraft building enterprise PJSC "VASO".

The plane was piloted by the crew of the chief pilot of PJSC "Il", test pilot 1st class, Hero of Russia Nikolai Kuimov, test pilot 1st class Dmitry Komarov, Flight Test Engineer 1st Class Nikolai Khludeev.

During the flight, the operating modes of the power plant were checked., aircraft stability and controllability, the operation of its main systems. The flight continued for about 30 minutes and passed normally. According to the crew commander, flight mission completed.

A new level of training for army aviation pilots

Eight helicopter simulators on a movable base were manufactured for the RF Ministry of Defense. This was told by the chief designer for technical training aids of the Center for Scientific and Technical Services "Dinamika" (part of the Tekhnodinamika holding) Valery Ivanenko.

"Dynamic simulators have already received the letter" O1 "- a serial product. To date, within the framework of the state defense order for the Russian Ministry of Defense, eight mobility simulators have been manufactured for different types of helicopters.. These are simulators from the largest helicopters, which are the Mi-26 today, to small educational ", - he said.

According to Ivanenko, for military training centers and combat units, simulators were manufactured on a dynamic base for helicopters of the "Mi" and "Ka" series: I-8, I-26, Mi-28H, Ansat-U, Ka-226, Ka-27M and Ka-52K.

“Two simulators for mobility were delivered to Yeisk - Ka-27M and Ka-52K. The following simulators will go to military units - to Torzhok and Pushkin (near St. Petersburg), Saratov and Syzran are next in line ", - said the designer.


Mysterious Boeing 737 U.S. Air Force appears in the skies over the Mojave Desert

Modified NT-43A for RCS measurements with callsign RAT-55 very rarely appears in the sky. He lives either in the Zone 51, either at the Tonopah Proving Ground airport and spends very limited time in the air, flying, usually, in service with stealth planes, high above deserted and sometimes inaccessible ridges, which cover large swaths of desert in California and Nevada.

One of a kind NT-43A, the strangest and most secretive Boeing 737 of the existing, turned from TCB into an unusual platform. Massive onboard radar NT-43A, likely, can take incredibly detailed scans of the target aircraft, and collect related information, including radar and infrared aircraft data. RAT 55 is again measuring the EPR of US Air Force vehicles in the skies over the Mojave Desert, and with the advent of the B-21, he will have more work.


At the location of the 41st Fighter Wing at Chiang Mai Air Base 31 Martha 2021 of the year, the ceremony of withdrawal from the Royal Thai Air Force of the L-39ZA / ART training aircraft with the avionics of the Israeli company Elbit.

The decommissioned Czech-made L-39ZA / ART will be replaced with T-6C Texan II turboprop trainer aircraft. American company Textron Aviation Defense 28 September 2020 of the year announced the conclusion of a contract with the Thai Air Force command for the supply 12 T-6C Texan II training aircraft and related equipment cost 162 million dollars.


Turkish Air Force creates extensive network of F-16 simulators

Engineers of the Turkish company HAVELSAN and technical staff of the Turkish Air Force have developed a simulator for training technicians to troubleshoot F-16 fighters.

The Air Force will receive six fully functional simulators and 20 gun control, which will allow them to form a unique infrastructure. Simulators of different types will be able to connect to each other, which will create an extensive training environment for the exercise. At the second stage, the Air Force will receive simulators for aircraft maintenance.


France will offer Ukraine to buy Rafale to replace the MiG-29 fleet

France is preparing a proposal to Ukraine to replace the outdated MiG-29 fleet with Rafale fighters. Kiev is considering such options, like the F-16V, JAS-39 Gripen E / F, F/A-18 Super Hornet, F-15 and Dassault Aviation Rafale.

It is assumed, that during his visit to Kiev, the President of France Emmanuel Macron will negotiate with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. One of the possible topics of conversation is a fighter of the Dassault Aviation company.. France considers, that the Rafale plane is more suitable for Ukraine.

Paris can offer as second hand, and new fighters of this type. Expected, that Ukraine will start a tender for the purchase of new aircraft in the period from 2021 by 2022 year. Moreover, the existing MiG-29 can be modernized by the Israeli company Elbit.


Joint exercises of Japan and the USA

5th generation fighter exercises in Japan took place 1 April 2021 of the year. US Air Force F-22s from 199th Fighter Squadron and F-35A Japanese Air Force from 302nd Tactical Fighter Squadron performed joint flights. The KC-135 tanker from the 909th Air Refueling Squadron also took part..

In a statement from the command of the Pacific Air Force, US and Japanese fighters conducted joint flights to ensure the freedom of the Indo-Pacific region from any adversaries or competitors..

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1 Organization banned in Russia.

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