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Kravchuk: Ukraine will not go to war in Donbass

Kravchuk: Ukraine will not go to war in Donbass
28-I am Ombr of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Head of the Ukrainian delegation to TCG (Tripartite Contact Group) made another statement on the situation in Donbass. According to Kravchuk, "Ukraine will not go to war in Donbass".

Kravchuk noted, that “the Ukrainian goal is, so that people live in the uncontrolled territories “on the basis of Ukrainian law, democracy and freedom ".

apparently, according to the logic of Kravchuk, Ukrainian citizens today live in a "free and democratic country" – country, in which parties and TV channels are banned, impose sanctions on their own citizens, eliminate journalists, "Squeeze" private property under far-fetched pretexts, deal with those, who expresses their own opinion.


Ukraine is tuned only for peace.
This statement sounded particularly cynical., given the fact, that the day before it became known about the first artillery strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of the Luhansk People's Republic in a long period.

According to Kravchuk, at the same time, “Ukraine will not be silent, she will respond with fire to fire, but also good for good ».

For reference: only over the past day and only through the territory of the DPR, the Ukrainian military released almost 60 ammunition, including mines of various calibers. The western outskirts of Donetsk were again under fire. And from the village of Peski, controlled by the Ukrainian security forces, mortar shelling was carried out against the northern suburbs of Donetsk.

used photos:28-I am Ombr of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

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