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US Air Force general called "stupid" idea to place long-range missiles on the Pacific coast

United States Air Force General named «stupid» the idea of ​​placing long-range missiles on the Pacific coast
The main priority of the modernization of the American ground forces is the development of long-range precision missile systems., in particular, creation to 2023 year of the ground-based hypersonic missile system.

General Timothy Ray, US Air Force Global Strike Command Leader, called "dear, duplicate and stupid "idea of ​​the American army to place long-range missiles, capable of destroying Chinese defenses, on the pacific coast of the country.

He stated this during a podcast., conducted by the Mitchell Institute.

Department, you have money, to go for it? This is stupid. I just think, that it's a stupid idea to go and invest that kind of money on it.
– General Ray was outraged.

Like many other members of the United States Air Force Command, he considers, that bomber aviation is most effective for penetrating enemy airspace and suppressing its anti-missile defense. He also cares about, that significant budgetary funds will be spent on the project of the US Ground Forces. Especially, what to 2022 year in service with the Air Force should appear the first hypersonic air-launched missile.

In addition to land units and the Air Force, the US Navy also has plans for hypersonic weapons. In particular, there is an idea to equip the latest Zumwalt destroyers with hypersonic missiles. true, need to emphasize, that plans for arming these destroyers in the United States change almost weekly. It all started with an electromagnetic gun…

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