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Middle East Press: US withdraws air defense batteries from Gulf region due to Houthi drone strikes

Middle East Press: US withdraws air defense batteries from Gulf region due to Houthi drone strikes
In the Middle East, bewilderment was caused by the decision of the administration of US President Joe Biden to withdraw three air defense batteries from the region at once along with personnel. Previously, these batteries were located in the Gulf countries and, as stated in the Pentagon itself, "Covered important objects from air attacks".

The American edition of The Wall Street Journal confirms the data on the withdrawal of batteries, including batteries of Patriot complexes. According to the official statement of representatives of the US Department of Defense, withdrawal of these weapons and personnel, their serving, carried out in connection with the need to transfer to other regions.

Also in the American press it is said that, that the missile defense system is also going to withdraw from the Middle East (missile defense) Tःaad. At the moment, this system continues to be on alert in the region..

Against this background, statements appeared, according to which the withdrawal of the US anti-missile defense batteries is associated with the increasing attacks from the Houthis. And these attacks, including the use of shock drones, more and more often reach the goal. And one of the targets is oil production facilities in Saudi Arabia.

In the Israeli edition of the Jerusalem Post:

US withdraws air defense batteries from Gulf region due to Houthi drone strikes.
At the same time, referring to a high-ranking American official, it is said, that "the Saudis themselves effectively deal with this problem".

Acting Assistant Secretary of State J.. Hood in an interview with Al-Arabiya channel:

As, how our partners become more combat-ready and ready to solve many problems, it makes little sense for us to keep people and expensive weapons there. This is their recognition (partners) success.
Because, that missiles and drones of the Houthis are increasingly damaging the infrastructure of the same Saudi Arabia, such a statement from an American official sounds cynical.

On this occasion, experts have several versions..

Version one: thus the US is distancing itself from Saudi Arabia, making Riyadh understand the extent of his responsibility for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Second version: USA can't afford, so that their weapons are so actively losing credibility in the world, because sooner or later everything can come down to, that rockets and drones (the same Houthis) can overcome the air defense system, which was built by the Americans for tens of billions of dollars.

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