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NATO exercises Defender Europe in Kiev 2021 called "preparation for war with Russia"

NATO exercises Defender Europe in Kiev 2021 named «preparation for war with Russia»
NATO prepares for war with Russia, in particular, this is what the Defender Europe exercises are aimed at 2021. This was stated by the representative of Ukraine in the Trilateral Contact Group on Donbass Oleksiy Arestovich on the air of the YouTube channel UKRLife.TV.

According to Arestovich, NATO is practicing war with Russia and does not hide it. Main stream – seizure of Crimea and everything, what is north of it. Upcoming exercise Defender Europe 2021 just aimed at working out questions, related.

Defender Europe 2021 - it translates “protect Europe”. Their meaning, that in the waters from the Baltic to the Black Seas, the war with Russia is being worked out - well, let's be clear, the topic of armed confrontation with Russia
– Arestovich said.

he explained, that the alliance has already begun pulling together forces to conduct exercises, the main phase of which will take place in May-June this year.

The representative of Kiev did not forget to speak in the direction of Russia, threatening her “great losses” in case of an attack on Ukraine. According to his words, if the Russian army enters Ukrainian territory, then Kiev “shed so much blood, what they won't like”.

All these plans for a Russian war against us rest on only one thing., that they will shed so much blood, what they won't like. We will work to the fullest, by all means, which the Ukrainian Armed Forces have
– he added.

Defender Europe teachings 2021 announced as the largest in recent 25 years. They will pass on the territory 16 European countries with participation 20 thousands of US military and 17 thousand – from NATO countries and their allies, including Ukraine.

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