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US military: With our teachings, we will remind Russia, that the Black Sea is not her "inland lake"

US military: With our teachings, we will remind Russia, that the Black Sea is not her «inland lake»
By their teachings, which the US military began to conduct in the Black Sea region more and more often, the Pentagon wants to remind Russia, that the Black Sea belongs not only to her. In their opinion, Moscow should not consider it a "Russian inland lake" or its "backyard".

In this vein, current and retired officers of the US Navy spoke in an interview with The Washington Times.

The United States has stepped up its military activity in the Black Sea region, as far as the Montreux Convention allows. In August last year, American strategic bombers flew over the waters of the Black Sea., and in March of this, military exercises "Sea Shield" were held here with the participation of two warships of the US Navy - the missile cruiser "Monterey" – USS Monterey (CG-61) and the destroyer "Thomas Hadner" – USS Thomas Hudner.

Our operations in the Black Sea demonstrate our commitment to supporting NATO partners and ensuring stability at sea.
– said the captain (designation of the ship commander in the US Navy) American missile cruiser Joseph Baggett.

The exercise was also attended by the Romanian naval forces., Bulgaria and Albania. One of the interlocutors considers the joint actions of the American military with colleagues from the allied states to be important.. In his opinion, the purpose of the maneuvers was, to "repel the increasingly aggressive Russia and cheer up their small allies on the western border of the country".

Such rhetoric once again testifies to, to put it mildly, unfriendly intentions of the United States and the entire NATO military bloc towards Russia. They no longer even try to hide blatant militarism. However, some experts believe, that ultimately the United States will try to revise the Montreux Convention, where the tonnage of warships of non-Black Sea states and the time of their stay in the Black Sea is registered.

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