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From siskin to hedgehog: choosing the best pet for a child

From siskin to hedgehog: choosing the best pet for a child

He dreams of getting his own pet today, perhaps, every child. After all, gadgets are gadgets, and the need for communication with wildlife has not been canceled, especially if you live in an urban setting. Pets not only bring a special atmosphere and flavor to the house, but also help the younger family members learn responsibility and sensitivity, mutual help and kindness, and, not on abstract book examples, but as a result of their own experience of interacting with a particular animal. However, in many cases, eg, because of the small living space, it is impossible to have a cat or dog in the apartment. In order not to deprive the child of the pleasure of communicating with a pet, you should think about smaller pets: good, such animals, no less cute, than cats and dogs, there are many. The main thing is not to try to follow the fashion., but choose an animal to your liking. Introducing a small top pet for kids, cohabitation with which can become happy and comfortable even in a small apartment.

From siskin to hedgehog: choosing the best pet for a child

Benefits of keeping pets in a home with small children

Many parents, thinking about, what kind of pet to get a child and is it worth doing, more than once replayed in the imagination the most unpleasant "side effects", typical for life side by side with the animal. certainly, starting a pet, you may experience such unpleasant phenomena, as a specific smell, damaged wallpaper and furniture, wool on carpets and things. However, the benefits of having a pet in the house are still much greater.. After all, he not only can become an excellent friend for a child, but also helps his mental, social and mental development, increases physical activity, fosters independence, kindness, sensitivity and other important human qualities, opens up new opportunities for communication, relieves feelings of loneliness and, of course, promotes building harmonious relationships between all family members.

How to choose a pet, based on the age and nature of the child

A pet is not a toy and is for a long time. That is why the choice of an animal should not be dictated only by its external attractiveness or advice from friends.. It is important to understand, is a living gift right for your child?. For example, if the child is too young, he can, not fully aware of responsibility, severely scare or accidentally injure your pet, or even get hurt yourself. This is why most experts do not recommend having pets to children under six.. AND, of course, from an under-grown offspring, you are unlikely to wait for conscious regular help in caring for a domestic animal.

Besides, the animal and the child must "come together in character". Only in this case true friendship is possible between them., love and understanding. For example, if your child is phlegmatic, a parrot is unlikely to suit him, canary or any other bird: too noisy, an active and "talkative" pet can annoy him. Likely, such a child will like hamsters or guinea pigs more, and if, in addition, he is easily vulnerable, then you can opt for an aquarium with fish.

AND, of course, deciding whether, what animal to give a child, need to visit a pediatrician, so as, to exclude the possibility of allergic reactions even before that moment, how the animal will appear in the house. And only after that you should choose an animal from the abundance of proposals..

option One: ass is not a fool

Parrots are among the most popular pets., and not unreasonably. After all, these birds are unusually playful and friendly and love to interact with people.. AND, of course, parrots of all stripes are endowed with a very attractive appearance, which is difficult to "resist" even for seasoned adults: it is gray with mother-of-pearl, and bright lemon, and purple, and blue, and birds painted with all the colors of the rainbow.

A distinctive feature of parrots, as already noted, this is their high activity. From the noisy behavior of these cheerful individuals, capable of emitting shrill screams for several minutes, to attract attention, sometimes my head is spinning. Besides, many of these outgoing creatures are capable of copying various sounds, and, this applies not only to human speech, but also, for example, police siren. Therefore, it is common for the owner of the parrot to break down to the supposedly ringing phone.: just the bird decided to have some fun, exactly imitating the call signal. Not to mention the fact, that often parrots make adults blush in earnest, conscious, that the child borrowed a couple of not very decent words and expressions from his pet.

From siskin to hedgehog: choosing the best pet for a child

Another important feature of parrots is, what, despite the sociability of these individuals, communication with them is still based on a certain distance. of course, no one forbids you to stroke your favorite bird, however, it is unlikely that such treatment will please her. At worst, for too actively imposed affection, you can get a bite. Parrots especially dislike, when strangers touch them.

A parrot needs a clean cage, as well as special food, drinking water and toys. The cage must be large enough, so that the bird can fully spread its wings in it and fly from perch to perch. As a treat, you can occasionally offer your pet salty crackers and nuts.. However, even frequent treats will not relieve you of the need to often clean the area adjacent to the cage., after all, parrots tend to constantly scatter food. With good care and health, many parrots can live up to 80 years or more.

Option two: overseas, ground

It is only in Russia and Germany that guinea pigs are called "guinea pigs". In fact, they were originally called "overseas", since this rodent did not come to us from the depths of the sea, but was brought from overseas. In our country, guinea pigs are among the top most popular pets., so wondering, what animal to have in an apartment for a child, many parents opt for them. The disposition of these animals is exceptionally peaceful and companionable., and at the same time, pigs are among the largest rodents: mature individuals can grow to 30 centimeters in length, therefore they will quite "pass" for a small lap dog. Guinea pigs live from 5 to 10 years and do not have any special health problems, if, of course, do not overfeed them and monitor the diet, which must include special feed in granules, fresh hay, fruits and vegetables.

Compared to smaller rodents, pigs are less temperamental and not at all prone to aggression, therefore the danger of, that you will be bitten, extremely small. These animals love to contact as owners, so with other guinea pigs. It is with these animals that it is convenient to start teaching a child to take care of a pet responsibly..

From siskin to hedgehog: choosing the best pet for a child

In any pet store, you can easily purchase a comfortable guinea pig cage.. It is also customary to add a variety of accessories to it., so as, so that the animal does not get bored. Don't just offer them a "wheel", because the pig is a fairly large rodent, therefore, such entertainment is fraught with injuries to her back and legs.

Option three: hamster with you

Let's talk about other rodents, popular and comfortable for home content. These are hamsters and gerbils. Both of them are distinguished by the cutest appearance., endowed with enough fluffy fur and willingly allow themselves to be taken in their arms, although sometimes they behave "in public" extremely restless. true, in the case of a gerbil, this should be done with extreme caution., since animals are fragile and can easily be accidentally injured.

There are many different types of hamsters. They are visually different from each other., first of all, dimensions. For especially active children, who need to babysit their pets for a long time, larger species will do - for example, syrian hamster. They are not as fragile, and also much better amenable to education. As for gerbils, then despite their species diversity, Mongolian gerbils are most often found in apartments.

Hamsters are kind of individualists. That is why it is better to complement the cage with various accessories - tunnels., wheels, transitions, etc.. d. - helping hamsters to maintain normal vitality and health. They don't need partners of the opposite sex too much.. As opposed to hamsters, gerbils are social animals, which form colonies in their natural habitat. Therefore, experts recommend starting them in small groups - two to four individuals. But don't worry: same, like hamsters, they are extremely unpretentious and economical to maintain. The tendency of both rodents to create food supplies at the earliest opportunity is another confirmation of this.. It is no coincidence that the cute verb "hamster" has taken root among the people, applied not only to the intensely chewing, but also to an extremely thrifty person.

From siskin to hedgehog: choosing the best pet for a child

For hamsters, unlike gerbils, nocturnal, in the daytime, these animals are of little interest: they are in hibernation almost all day. Representatives of both species of rodents do not live very long: hamsters - from 2,5 up to three years, and gerbils - from three to four. So that, you will have to mentally prepare the child for, that after some time he will part with his beloved pet forever.

Option four: stationery master

Stationery rat - definition, quite offensive as for a person, and for the rat itself, which served as the "prototype" for this expression. Really, so what, what, entertaining yourself, this cute, active and sociable animal, likes to rustle paper, ropes and other toys and improvised items? It is extremely unfair to associate him with careless clerks just because of this innocent habit.. Especially, that the rat is an extremely intelligent animal, possessing, in addition, great memory. This is one of the cleanest and unpretentious pets., caring for it is also minimal and will not infringe on your budget too much. AND, which is quite incredible for many - the rat is very strongly attached to its owner, so that, likely, between her and your child, harmony will easily reign. in short, a rat is an almost ideal "small-sized" pet. The only "but": these rodents live, same, like hamsters and gerbils, not for long - only two to three years.

From siskin to hedgehog: choosing the best pet for a child

Option five: hide and seek pro

As a gift for an active child, you can consider purchasing a ferret., which the, Most likely, perfect for him in his temperament. It is exceptionally mobile, curious and agile animals, while having a pretty appearance and a pleasant fluffy coat.

One has only to release the animal from the cage, how it starts to run throughout the apartment, looking literally into every corner, that's why you shouldn't leave him unattended for a long time. Otherwise, the animal will certainly want to play hide and seek with you., and it will be very difficult to find it. Do not go to the other extreme., locking the pet for a long time in a cage, because ferrets are much more, than, eg, rats, need attention and good company. It is no coincidence that many owners, leaving the apartment on personal matters, every now and then take them with them, like pocket dogs. The ferret will gladly walk into your arms and will not even think about biting - of course, on condition, that you won't hurt him. And this animal can play with its little master for days on end.

Ferrets live much longer, than other small pets - about eight to ten years.

From siskin to hedgehog: choosing the best pet for a child

Option six: fluffy, but independent

In terms of fluffiness, the real champions on our list are chinchillas.. These miniature animals, with thick and silky fur, very nice to iron. Especially, that the animal is extremely clean and has almost no unpleasant odor. However, the chinchilla does not like it too much, when she is compulsively squeezed: with much more pleasure she runs around the apartment.

Chinchilla is unpretentious in content, and even special food, which are required to feed her, easy to find in almost any pet store. If you have purchased a female chinchilla, then it is unlikely that she will feel the need for a society of her own kind, but males are recommended to be paired.

Adult chinchillas grow in length up to 30 and more centimeters, and, females are much larger, than men. The life expectancy of pussies is from 10 to 15 years.

From siskin to hedgehog: choosing the best pet for a child

Option seven: not only valuable fur ...

... but also a great companion for your child. speech, of course, about rabbits - cute, active, affectionate, playful and sociable creatures, that, in addition, amenable to training well enough. A rabbit is an ideal gift for an already grown up child, after all, if you do not treat the pet rudely and do not frighten him in vain, then he will demonstrate a calm kind disposition, will truly bond with your child and become a good and reliable friend for him. Especially considering, that, on average, rabbits live on 5-10 years.

To maintain health, the rabbit must be able to actively move.. And since by nature this animal is endowed with a problem digestive system, he needs special food, which from time to time it is recommended to "dilute" with fresh vegetables and fruits. Some particularly fluffy individuals should be brushed regularly.. Otherwise, these popular domestic rodents are quite unpretentious..

From siskin to hedgehog: choosing the best pet for a child

Option eighth: prickly positive

With hedgehogs, living in the wild, many of us have encountered. These animals often wander into city parks., like to stay at their summer cottages. Not surprising, that even after a short communication with a hedgehog, many children ask their parents to have such an exotic pet for them. However, wild hedgehogs are not very suitable for home keeping. After all, they, first of all, are carriers of many infections. And their life expectancy in isolation from their natural habitat is, usually, no more than a year.

That is why it is recommended to contact the breeders to purchase a hedgehog.: specially bred "breeds" do not pose a danger to humans, and at the same time may well live up to ten years or more. Besides, a specialist will tell you in detail about the intricacies of feeding and keeping a thorny companion. In general, hedgehogs are great for older children.. They are unpretentious and independent, and with sufficient attention from the owner, they can quickly turn into an obedient and sociable pet..

From siskin to hedgehog: choosing the best pet for a child

of course, the presented list is far from complete, and you can easily continue it with turtles, raccoons, snails or even skunks. The main thing is not to get too carried away., going through the options, and remember, that the best pet for a child is not some fantastic beauty, clever and rarity, namely that, whom he himself will consider the best and favorite.

Author: Natalia Podoroga

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