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media Poland: Russia will not be able to establish water supply in Crimea

media Poland: Russia will not be able to establish water supply in Crimea
No action by the Russian Federation allegedly could improve the situation with water on the Crimean peninsula. And in a number of countries they consider, that problems with water supply will further worsen in the future.

This opinion was expressed by the editor-in-chief of the Polish-Ukrainian portal, Dr. Dariusz Materniak, in an interview with BiznesAlert..

He considers, that a significant deterioration in the water situation on the peninsula should be expected this year. Moreover, Russia, says Materniak Polish media, will not be able to establish water supply in Crimea. Polish expert approves, that the drilling of artesian wells, laying of a water supply system along the Crimean bridge, the launch of desalination plants is not able to change the situation for the better.

He calls the measures, adopted by RF, ineffective. The expert believes, that only Ukrainian aid can save Crimeans from dehydration, because before 2014 of the year 85 percent of the water supplied to the peninsula from the mainland of Ukraine. To get enough water again, Russia, according to the Polish doctor, must negotiate with Kiev.

Maternyak is pinning his hopes on, that the problem will be solved by the activities of the so-called "Crimean platform", created by Kiev for the "de-occupation" of the peninsula. He does not know, will Russia take part in this organization, but assumes, that Moscow will not join this process.

Commenting on these statements, it is worth recalling, that they said about the same about the construction of the Crimean bridge, on the creation of power plants in Crimea, on the development of road transport infrastructure. However, there is also movement across the bridge, and the bridge itself “the ice hummocks were not demolished”, and power plants generate energy, and from Kerch to Sevastopol can be reached by an excellent road. Therefore, the Polish “the doctors” can broadcast their fables further, which does not prevent the development of Russian Crimea. And the problem with water, too, will eventually be resolved., whether Kiev wants it or not.

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