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Foreign press: Russian maneuver with submarines in the Arctic – signal to Biden that, what will have to agree

Foreign press: Russian maneuver with submarines in the Arctic - signal to Biden that, what will have to agree
reportedly, in NATO "will continue to study the maneuvers of Russian submarines in the Arctic". This is one of the elements of the exercises "Umka-21", during which three submarines of the Russian Navy, breaking the ice, simultaneously surfaced in arctic latitudes.

In the Polish edition of Wiadomosci the author, describing Russian maneuvers, notes, that this is "a clear signal for the United States from Russia". This signal, according to the Polish edition, It is, that while NATO is deploying on its eastern flank, Russia is able to strengthen its military component in the Arctic.

It is also an element of the rivalry between Russia and the United States.. The Russians, in addition to submarines, carried out aviation maneuvers. MiG-31 interceptor fighters took part in the exercise.
In the German press, the emphasis is on, that an exercise in the Arctic with a spectacular submarine maneuver – this is “a specific signal to Biden that, that Russia will have to negotiate ". added, that against the background of the confrontation between Washington and Beijing, China is already "giving America a cold shower of retaliatory sanctions, and Putin demonstrates military power ".

Several comments in the Polish and German press from readers:


And our minister (defense) Blashchak announced the supply of compasses to the army. Probably, Putin panicked and decided to hold exercises in the north ...

Weapon by weapon, but in Russia, since pre-revolutionary times, many villages have no water supply. This is such an empire.

So you need to decide, Russia, in our opinion, strong or weak. That's what I'm saying, that its economy is scanty, and the weapon is old, I write that, that they are competing with the United States and using cyber weapons.

It all came down to, that Russia is now supported by China. Well, congratulations on such a tandem.
The user under the nickname Stefan was extremely laconic.:

keep it up, brothers Russians!

Video from those maneuvers in the Arctic (Ministry of Defense), which was previously reported by "Military Review":

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